Pinball Game Simulations on the ZX Spectrum.

I must admit when I looked at "Fruit Machine" sims on the ZX Spectrum I was disappointed .But I don't know exactly what I was hoping for either ( but not the disappointment I got probably) . Maybe I wanted clearer instructions so I could play the games more easily or sense of "gambling participation " or something special . Nevertheless, despite this relative disappointment with Speccy Fruit Machine sims , I have high hopes for the Pinball genre , but I don't think there will be so many of these compared to Fruit Machine Sims . I am now looking at a copy of "3-D Pinball" by Mastertronic" which I have recently fished out of storage from the loft - so this will be my first game entered in to this category . Does anyone know of any other good ZX Spectrum Pinball games ? I think this will be a fairly simple theme to explore:- "What are the best Speccy Pinball Games?" (But I will need to check previous WOS entries to see if this area has been covered before - but I do not think it has become a WOS "theme" or "clone" in the WOS Archive yet ).


  • To be honest I like fruit machine simulators although on the Spectrum there were many examples from the early years which simply were not worth the tape they were recorded on :)) My favorite ones are the two released by Code Masters. Arcade Fruit Machine from Zeppelin and Top Fruit Machine given away by Your Sinclair issue 66 are also pretty good.

    That said, there are not many pinball games on the Spectrum, and those I'd recommend are just a handful. The one you mention is decent but the most accurate is probably the ancient Sagittarian Software's Pinball for the 16K. Others would be Advanced Pinball Simulator by Code Masters and Time Scanner, conversion of the Sega digital pinball coin-op by Activision.
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  • Yes maybe I will give the Fruit Machine Sims another go and try to read the instructions properly . Some people , a month or two ago , said they were disappointed with them .So I think I will have to dig deeper a bit on this to get a better idea on this . Clearly the Fruit Sims were popular at the time but whether this relied on expectations rather than actual reality , I do not know yet . .
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    Yes I found "Fruit Machine" by Zeppelin Games 1990 up in the loft . It is one of the more playable ones and quite easy to get into - so I am glad I found it! The WOS ARCHIVE only has one side of the INLAY card so it must be quite difficult to play without ( so having the "full instruction set" does make a difference!) . The detail on the controls are on the reverse of the inlay card as per usual .
  • The only Pinball game I can think of off the top of my head is Macadam Bumper. It's OK I suppose.
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  • Advanced Pinball Simulator by the Oliver twins on Code Masters is a very good pinball game on the Spectrum.
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  • Thanks : yes it is good to get some views on that (it means I have not given it the attention it deserves)
  • What you'll find with Codemasters' two Fruit Machine simulators is that they're programmed very differently.

    For both, take a memory snapshot, say before you spin the reels. In the first simulator, there will be a different outcome every time. For the second, there won't.

    Likewise, when you're offered a "TURBO" in the first to get all the way up the CASH-BASH, you have the chance to light it all up. On the second, when offered the same opportunity on the MEGA-TREK, you can only affect the outcome if it's moving slowly - otherwise the outcome is rigged (and it'll be in a low position).

    And again, any time there's a gamble opportunity - say, "you have 80p and can collect", and the Gamble button cycles rapidly between "LOSE" and around double the value (£1.50 in this case); you can gamble your way to the jackpot in the first simulator, but the outcomes are pre-programmed in the second.
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  • Wow thanks . The fact you have worked it all out shows there is some good gameplay to be had with these .
  • I had a lot of fun playing Flip Flap. Despite it's name, the game is pretty decent IMO.
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  • Sorry the "Fruits" have been mixed with the "Pins" ( probably not good if you have to "suck it up" so I will have to stop doing that!) Anyway re. the "Fruits" : the later feedback appears to be more positive than earlier stuff . So I just need to put "the work" in and actually try some out! .The "Pins" are meant to be what this thread is about and I will try and focus on that in future . The "pins" seem to be "coming along" nicely.
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    Pinball, originally called Pinball Wizard is a good version for an early one.
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    Might be worth a visit to
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