New Spectrum ROM: Arcade Game Designer

In the last few days I've completely rewritten the Spectrum ROM from scratch to include AGD. Some of the functionality from version 4.8 has been lost or altered in order to cram everything into 16K, but I've included a few enhancements too. For instance, the keyboard routines have been written to allow a new key to be pressed before the old one is released - so you can type as quickly as you like in the code editor, unlike Sinclair BASIC. It's time to take off those gardening gloves...

Up until now only MPAGD users have had access to the entire Spectrum RAM but with the editor routines in the ROM, AGD users have a bigger playground too.

The ROM comes with documentation. I've posted a zip file at the AGD forums and on my page at

I should state that this hasn't been tested on real hardware yet, but if anyone wants to burn a 128MBit PROM and post a video that would be fun :)
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