Bouncing games (and or catching games)

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Is there any other bouncing games on the Spectrum, apart from the Cauldron 2, Wizzball and Bumpy...

I love these bouncing games, even though I have major trouble playing them.

Also is there any `catching` games on the Spectrum... like the old Granstand LCD Jack and the Beanstalk, or ANYTHING in the same mould.

or, ideally any where you both bounce and catch, haha

Hope someone can think of some :)
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    How about the "classic" Batty?
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    Try Bounces.

    I was looking in the bottom 100 games yesterday, and to my dismay I found it in there! It's not that bad. In fact, I quite like it. So I gave it a leg up.

    Worth a try, in my opinion.
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    Try Action Reflex, Trailblazer or Bounder. They're really great games.

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    Astroball! And perhaps Hoppin' Mad.
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    Kinetik, maybe the hardest of all
    and PsychoHopper.
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    professional bouncy catchy simulator
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    And also Turbulence, the sequel to Astroball is an excellent bouncy game, though it is fiendishly difficult.

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    On 2004-11-02 12:02, fogartylee wrote:
    professional bouncy catchy simulator

    Ah, but that's Codies. And therefore denied.

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    Oh yeah... and Helter Skelter!
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    Madballs, Bobby Bearing, Spindizzy, Gyroscope, Bounder are some that come to mind.
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    Cheers a lt guys :)

    I knew a lot of them, and was gladly reminded, the closest to what I was looking for was helter skelter, which actually, I thought I would have playd, as I remember the name, but hadn`t... I like that a lot.

    Kinetic and Psycho Hopper as well pretty much what Im looking for (though Kinetic has a touch o` the ol` anti grav)...

    All the Trailblazer type games are great, (Trailblazer being the one I used to have so love)..

    I`d forgot about Turbulence, although remember now that there was a sequel to Astroball.. it`s too weird and hard though, so least I was reminded about Astroball, which I used to like on SAM...

    That bounces game, I see now that indeed Hotshot was a ripoff, not as revolutionary as I thougt at the time (even though it took heavily from the bats`n balls games)... hard as heck, but utterly lovely game if it can be learnt.

    Steve Parry-Thomas said -

    "How about the "classic" Batty? "

    yeah... Im doing fine thanks... :)

    Seriously, classic game.

    Theres` been a new game for PC based on Bumpy recently, massively good graphics/music, but can`t remember where I downloaded it, wasn`t on a retro site though...

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    Lee Tonks wrote: »
    Oh yeah... and Helter Skelter!

    I discovered Helter Skelter last night after it was mentioned in a recent edition of RetroGamer bit I'm stuck on level 2! How the heck do you get the ball to bounce "high"?!!
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    kosmic kanga..

    you lot call yaself speccy owners :p

    I think you'll find that codies game was prefixed with "advanced" ... very sloppy work ;)

    impossiball by hewson is another one ? .. dunno
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    How about 'Join'?
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    Shame on you all for forgetting Costa "god" Panayi's:


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    ... and don't forget Marble Madness!

    being my faves Gyroscope, Bounder and Impossaball, all very addictive.

    ... but MM and Gyroscope dont bounce, but slide... dunno if they count!
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    An old thread resurrected and a new thread not started Alessandro will reward you instead of destroy you ;)

    How's about Ball Crazy that game is quite bouncy.

    Not sure if it'd really count? But Pippo is full of bouncing as well. Although it's more of a puzzle game.
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