NTSC ZX Spectrum +2 wanted for USA

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I live in NY USA and I know nothing about electronics. I'm willing to buy a ZX Spectrum +2 that would be prepared to send a NTSC signal (instead of PAL) to the TV. I would pay for that. I also need a power supply. I couldn't find one here that would match the specs in the ZX manual. I found a 9v ac adapter, but the amps are different. I don't know if it would work or damage the computer.
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    About the NTSC thing... You could connect your ZX to a TV, provided you go and buy a PAL conversor... go to a video and tv shiznit shop, and they surely will be able to sell you one, or tell you where to go for one. I need one to make my PAL machines display properly in this country?s crappy PAL-N TVs, and I know all kinds of conversors could be made. Besides, I bet your TV can go to 50Hz as well as it runs in 60Hz, most of today's TVs have compatibility with two or three systems, at least one at 50Hz.

    Hope that helps
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    I dont know if this of any help at all.......


    It's an ez-board I hang out at a lot, mainly USA retro-gamers, they may have more info to help you icon_smile.gif
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    I think more amperes on the power adapter won't harm -- actually I think they express the current the adapter is able to provide, so it should be higher than the device's absorption, but DON'T RELY ON MY OPINION ONLY, as I'm no electronics (or electricity) expert at all! I think, however, that it is more crucial to get the polarity alright, as people has been known to burn their speccies by getting the polarity wrong. You've been consistently looking for a way to get a spectrum working in the USA (where I'll have to go soon), without much luck, I'm afraid. We on the WOS should be more supportive towards your attempts!!!

    As for ntsc, I too think a converter is what you need. That stuff exists, you may ask for one at radio shack or something, only I know in the USA (depending on where you live), they are not as much in contact with european stuff, so converters are somehow harder to find than here, my experience. Another thing, is a +2 has an RGB out; some tv's have rgb in, so that could be sorted out as well.

    Good luck!
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    I live in the US and I sold my old tv and bought a multi system tv that supports pal. The picture is great and you can find them online for a good price.
    As for the power supply you can either get a transformer or I found one 9v, 1.5A, and center negative polarity at rpelectronics.
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    about the amps for a spectrum +2, i have a 48k and for a +2 i thinks it's higher than 1.5A. check that out first.
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