What speccy game or games did your parents or siblings like?

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Just thought this might be an interesting topic over Chrimbo...

My older sister was never really into games in a big way, but there were a few games that she used to like, like Great Escape (which I recently sent her with `SPIN`) and I forget what else, Pacman as well, which sounds stereotypical, but lasses do love that game...

My mother too never touched the computer, and didn`t think she`d like games, or that they`d be too hard and quick for her to play (as though she were too old, shit, she was about the age us lot are now, lol)... but for some reason, when I bought Pacland, she had a few goes of that, just on the one day... and guess what... she only went and bloomin` got further than me on her first go, past the village, and mosta the way accross the rocky`s with moving platforms... oooh, the shame... the shame...

Oh, and she used to LOVE Tetris on the gameboy, so much so that I haven`t seen my gameboy for a few years...haha


4 days to Christmas... who`s inviting me round? *taps foot*

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    My father took some interest in watching me playng Sim City and he also attempted to play it himself once....mhhh never worked that out anyway.
    In more recent years my mother used to watch me while I was playng Goldeneye and Zelda on the N64 !
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    My dad played to SpeedKing2. He was interrested because he liked bikes.
    I bet he would likes nowadays car games.

    My older sister likes Tetris,.. she rant a bar and had two cabinets, she had GoldenAxe and Tetris.. she fell in with Tetris, nowdays she have it in the PSOne of her sons.
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    My dad loved spectipede and match day (he always thought i was cheating at it though after a 10 - 0 thrashing).
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    I used to play Chuckie Egg 2 with my sis. She would do up, down and enter and I would do left, right and jump! Crazy, but we got quite good at it although never quite managing to finish it. :)
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    My dad used to love Le Mans (And later Silkworm on the Amiga)

    So funny watching him play Le Mans, he did that 'dad' thing by tapping his foot everytime he braked

    As per normal he was utterly shite at it and at times i had to pretend to crash etc just so he could beat me for the first time in 20 attempts.
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    thats weird, i also lost a gameboy to my mum after she played tetris! :(

    And the only game on the speccy she ever played was underwurlde, but I think that was because it was easy and we had a joystick.

    My younger brother never seemed that bothered with computer games, but my older brother (by 1 year!) wouldnt rest until he was the best at every game!

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    My twin sister used to love Terror Daktil 4D and Rescue (she got me hooked on the latter), and my dad liked 3D Deathchase.

    Sioux still loves Booty and Warlock of Firetop Mountain. She was playing them just a few months back.
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    My sister liked Solaris and I played Bullseye with my Grandad the Xmas I got my +2A.
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    My Dad was mad for Booty.

    The computer game, fortunately.
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    I couldnt play poker when i was young and i desperately wanted to ask my dad to help me on 'ahem' Sam Fox Strip Poker but bottled out

    Ohhhh i can just imagine those end screens with the Speccys great graphics ;)

    Shocking looking back that that game sold quite a lot (And before you say no i just had a copy of it !)
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    when we first got the speccy, the first game we got was manic miner (coughcopiedcough) and me, my dad, my sister and my mum all sat round playing it for hours a day / night for months constantly :)
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    Big brother Matthew liked to play those dreadful text only train sims. They usually went something like "You are leaving Bristol Templemeads... you have just gone through a red light... You have been relieved from duty". Grandad use to like Manic Miner and Atic Atac and dad used to like Planetoids and Whodunnit.
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    My make-believe friend used to like Stonkers.
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    This is probably going back a bit, but my dad used to play a game called 'Blitz' ('City Bomber' if you live in the US) on his VIC-20 (he still does!). It' a game where your bi-plane runs out of fuel, and you have to flatten the city below with bombs so that you could land to refuel. It's a simple yet fun game.

    He also used to play the C64 versions of Action Biker and Manic Miner (we never owned a spectrum until 1998 - when my brother was given a second hand +2 for his birthday!), these were also great games!
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    My dad loved Jet Pac and Pyjamarama and helped me sometimes in solving text adventures, while my two elder brothers spent hours playing Automania and card games. At least that's what I can remember right now.
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    Interesting subject...

    I bought Dan Dare for my sister for her... ummm... 8th birthday, I think. She didn't have a Speccy. I did, and I didn't let her use it. Obviously was a pretty selfish gift, but hell, I was only about 12 myself. Heh. Anyhows I had to let her use the speccy then to play the game (or my parent's would have killed me). She only went and completed the game before I managed it. She then never touched the speccy again in her life. Bitch...

    My dad played Football Manager with me a hell of a lot, plus one of the top down pool games that I can't remember the title of. He was also addicted to a horse betting game, Sport of Kings I think, for a while there. Also considered himself a good player of Harrier Attack. Which he soon discovered to be a mistake :)

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    Cheers.. some interesting/funy/very funny replies here.. enjoyed reading these :)

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    Twenty-one years and one day ago my mum was playing The Hobbit until three o clock in the morning..

    She couldn't get anywhere in it, she just liked praticsing her typing for her exam in the new year!!!
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    My dad was a big fan of those self-programing "beat the bookies" at horse racing stats games.
    And he was good at making maps for text adventures. Most of the games we played (and he completed!) were type in text adventures, the all-time favourite being Rigel's Revenge.
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    Rigel's Revenge! Class game, although I never completed it. If I remember rightly swearing put you in a cell that you could get out through a vent or somesuch, but the next time you swore there was no such vent. And no way of getting out. Although you didn't know that at the time. Took bloody ages trying to get out.....

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    Anyone who had Tetris for the game boy must have lost it to their mother! Christ, I haven't seen my GameBoy since that holiday in Cornwall when my mum got so bored she tried out the thing, all I remember is being bored stiff for the rest of the holidays as I had no GameBoy.

    Dads favorite games were Manic Miner and Subsunk, although he was (and still is) friends with Steve Lamb (Made Typhoon, Gyroscope, etc) And I think he's more proud oft he fact his name is in the default high score list on Typhoon. (.Nik.).

    Although I think I found it more amusing than him when I popped that game in and found that. Anyway, I digress.

    Mum wasn't much of a game player if I recall untill my SNES, which yet again I didn't get to play (At least my Dad used to wait until I'd gone to bed to steal my consoles) She used to sit for hours at a time in front of Super Mario, then Donkey Kong, then Donkey Kong 2. And she was always better than me >:-( (Although being dyspraxic myself it probably isn't that hard to be better than me at anything like that.)

    I think Mum was scared of the Spectrum actually, after the day she found a blank tape on the floor and put it in the tape player too see what it was, only to get a loud earful of High pitched noises. Muahahaha. >:-)
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    My mum was mostly into Puzzle games, especially Nowotnik Puzzle, and then we played an excellent 2 player type-in game called Dropout.

    My dad had no interest in the Spectrum at all.

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