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My dad found an old toy i had when i was a kid.

There were two polysterene boxes, inside each one was a robot. One white , one black.

Each of them have removable parts, the 'socket' was half a ball bearing which connected magnetically to the body part. You could take off the head, arms and legs and easily put them back together.

In the middle of the chest was a hole to put a plastic missile, when you press the switch at the back it'll fire it. For the fists on each robot there was a switch by the wrist, again if you pressed that the fist flew off.

I had these when i was about 7 or so. Theyre just gathering dust at the moment, my dads just got into ebay so he wants to put them on but theres no marking anywhere on the robots to say what the name of them are. I dont want them on ebay unless theyre under the right sort of name really.

Has anyone got any idea of what these might be called ? Its nothing like Transformers or that, i think this was an early 80's toy. Its in great condition, been trying to get my dad to take a picture but hes not the best at computer stuff !

Just after the name of the toy so i could search on ebay to get more info about it. Wonder if anyone knows the proper name or have an idea what it is.
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    Whatever they were called, they could ride around in the Big Trak trailer.
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    They are MICRONAUTS

    The white one is called 'Force Commander' and the black one is called 'Baron Karza'

    They also had horses in the same magnetic socket style, and you could make funky centaur sort of tings out of them.

    look here

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    Hey thanks a ton !

    Yep totally right, on that link the two robots i have are the ones on the left below the buttons.

    Cheers ! You da man ! I mean woman, u know !

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    On 2005-02-24 10:14, redballoon wrote:
    Whatever they were called, they could ride around in the Big Trak trailer.

    I so wanted a Big Trak as a Kid, I thought it was out of this world!!!
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    On 2005-02-24 11:22, ZX Beccy wrote:
    They are MICRONAUTS

    Any connection with Micronaut 1? :)
    I never make misteaks mistrakes misyales errurs — oh, sod it.
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