what spec pc are you running your speccy emulator on

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All them giga hertz and bytes and what do i do with it mainly...play speccy games and old arcade games..
What spec pc do you have at the moment?
I upgraded mine to a 1.1ghz duron and at last i got a motherboard that will take upto 1.4ghz athlon,and athlon xp so i wont have to replace it next time i upgradem,,
it got 256mb ram,,8.4 gig hard drive,a rather crap 16mb voodoo3,i def need a new card there.
The good thing with the speccy emus is that they always ran full speed even on my 486 66mhz...my first pc..
I only upgraded my pc so i could play continental circus on mame at full speed with sound...it chugged along on my 500mhz k6-2 pc
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    Athlon 1G CPU
    ASUS V8200 Geoforce3 Deluxe
    Soundblaster Live
    40G hard drive
    256Mb Ram
    Hauppage TV Card
    40X DVD
    12*4*4 CD Writer

    And I still play Speccy games!!!!
    I'm a 21st Century digital boy, I don't know how to live but I've got a lot of toys.
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    Pentium IV 1,5GHz CPU
    1Gb memory
    GeForce 2 GTS DeLuxe
    Soundblaster Audigy Platinum eX
    100Gb disk space
    40* DVD
    56*16*4* CD Re-writer
    19" Iiyama Vision Master Pro 451
    Running Linux (Slackware + KDE2)
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    iBook G3 500Mhz 384MB/10GB
    G?nter Woigk's ZXSP for OS X

    I like to play games on my ibook rather than my G4 or PC because its small(ish) size and rather "flat" keyboard are reminiscent of my beloved speccy.

    I also use Glen Summers' Level9 Interpreter, compiled from UNIX source, running in a semi-transparent terminal window (so I can see my map underneath!), to play Level9's adventures.

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    Well all you guys are way ahead of me:-

    I've just got a PIII 450 with 256 megs ram and a voodoo 4500 pci.

    It does the trick though
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    I'm now using a Athlon 1700XP, 32Mb Geforce 2 and 256MB SDRAM.

    I've used far worse in the past though, a 486 SX 25 (overclocked to 33), 4Mb Ram and a 256K GC was the original if I remember correctly (using Z80)
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    I'm gonna get an AthlonXP 2000, with geforce3 and SBLive!5.1
    You know the first thing I'm gonna do is install a Speccy Emulator on it and play some '82 game just for the sheer hell of it.
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    Athlon 1.4, 60Gb IBM HD, Terratec Audio System (can't get it to work under XP - D'oh! - so running crummy onboard sound), Plextor CD, Yamaha CD-RW, Panasonic DVD 40x (all drive bays crammed to capacity!)

    But I prefer the G4 Ti Powerbook, for portable speccy-fun :)
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    G4/450 512MB/70GB, but I prefer to play Speccy games on my iBook G3/500 384MB/10GB. The freedom to play Jetpac anywhere you want is just so cool.

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    I use a
    P3 1Ghz
    256Mb RAM
    15 Gb HD
    50x CD-rom
    40x DVD-rom
    ATI Radeon
    TV-card (there *JUST* to get speccy output to the PC...)
    runnign Linux.

    I almost never use speccy emulators, though (I use MAME however); My speccy sits by the pc keyboard, its output feeding the tv-card on the pc...
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    AMD Athlon 1400Mhz
    512Mb SDRAM
    CD-RW 32x
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    Ohhh.. either a P200mmx with 64mb, 2mb graphic card and soundblaster emulation.. or a P83(overdrive) running at a speed of a P47 (slower than a 486DX2) with 20mb and 1mb Trident VESA Local Bus card.

    Or best still, on a real +2 with microdrives :)

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    Actually I play speccy games on PC,.. an AMD equivalent to a PIII 1000 mhz I guess (I really dont know, my brother configured the computer) a G-ForceII is also..

    but I before played with my superb Amiga1200 with M68030 at 50Mhz.. some games ruled better synchronized than on PC.

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    800 MHz AMD Athlon
    256 MB memory
    Leadtech GF2 GTS 32MB
    6 GB HD <- Sigh... :(
    SBPCI 128
    Logitech Wingman Gamingmouse, and an Icemat. True pro gaming gear ;)

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    I guess I'm going to be the odd guy in the bunch!

    P-2 266 Mhz (gag!)
    128 Mb memory
    4Mb AGP sis 6326 (ooeerrr!)
    6 Gb hard disk
    32x CD-Rom drive
    Windows XP

    there! u can stop laffing now...
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    I bought a Compaq P-75 notebook for only using Speccy emulator...
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    On 2002-03-13 21:35, MatGubbins wrote:
    Or best still, on a real +2 with microdrives :)

    Hey, MatGubbins: do you need a special IF1 to connect a microdrive to the +2 or do you just stick the original one (didn't even know it fitted...)
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    I usually use a PC emulator via my TV out card if I can't be bothered waiting for a real speccy to load a game ...

    * DDR Athlon 1.4Ghz, 266 FSB
    * 256mb DDR RAM
    * 64MB GeForce 2
    * TView dedicated TV Out card (with a very long SVideo lead connected to my tv)
    * Hitachi DVD ROM
    * 2 IDE hard drives (26Gb total)
    * Memorex 12x CD Writer
    * Sonic Fury 2 Soundcard (again, with a very long lead connected to my hifi)
    * Logitech cordless keyboard & mouse to allow re-location to a nice chair by the telly!!!
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    My +2 (original grey version) works fine with Interface 1 and microdrives. I did have to shave about 1mm off the bottom of the +2 case arounf the edge connector to fit it though- it was a tight fit.

    I`m pretty sure that the black +2A doesn`t work with microcrives tho (different edge connector settings and gubbins like that)

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    I first played a Speccy emulator in 1997 - I think it was some DOS one - I used that and a Amstrad CPC emulator on an Acorn Archimedies running a PC Card at college, but that doens't count.

    My first PC, I got in 1997. I used a DOS based Speccy emulator and the machine was

    486 DX/2
    16 meg
    124 meg hard drive
    Windows 95

    Now I use

    P2 233
    64 meg
    10 gig hard drive
    4Mb AGP sis 6326
    windows 98
    and ZX Spectrum Emulator
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    OS: (Microsoft Windows 98 (4.10.2222)) RAM: (Usage: 139/192 (72%) [||||||||||]) Processor: (Pentium(r) II Processor @~351.26MHz) (Processor: 0 Family: 6 Model: 5 Step: 1 Vendor: GenuineIntel) Video Card: (NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200) Resolution: (1024x768) HDD Space Free: (C: 476.6MB D: 3701.1MB E: 0MB) = 4177.76MB (HDD Total Space: 16007.6MB) Uptime: 56mins 18secs

    Copied from mIRC system script - Says it all...
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    I use Z80 on a 486-25 Mhz notebook. Including, 1 diskdrive !!!

    I bought it 3 years ago for a lousy 300 NLG.

    The biggest advantage: I'm mobile with my Spectrum :)
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    I use a Pentium 200MMX
    .89 GB hardrive space.
    Diamond 2MB graphics
    Diamond 3D voodoo type 4MB
    64MB Ram
    Spectrum ZX emulator.

    Use to use a DX5/133 486 that I used for translating old Disciple disks from a Spectrum with Gurt Lunters Z80 software.

    Laptops blow my good old machine into dust these days :o)
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    at home,

    Intel P!!! 800MHzEB, 512MB RAM
    2x Fujitsu 20 GB HDDs
    GeForce2 GTS AGP (primary)
    Matrox Millennium II PCI (secondary)
    2x 17" CRT displays (one Compaq, one Dell)
    MS Bog Standard Sidewinder thingy
    Windows 2000 Professional SP2
    ZX32 beta
    oh and the UK WoS mirror archive 4 feet and 10Mbps away from me :)

    on the road,

    Sony Vaio PCG-Z600-LEK
    Intel P!!! 700MHz, 192MB RAM
    15GB HDD
    ATI Rage AGP (LCD, 12")
    Windows 2000 Professional SP2
    ZX32 beta
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    At home...

    Intel Celeron (the P3-based one) 600MHz
    Windows 98SE
    192MB RAM
    16MB Voodoo3 graphics card (def. needs replacing...)
    10GB hard drive (perpetually full)
    ZX32 w/WoS double CD (Jan 2001 version)

    On the road (soon)...

    Game Boy Advance and FooN, via a 64 megabit (8MB) flash cart :)
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    Fuse 1.2.2 and my PC?
    Its a purple laptop! No but seriously...
    HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Special Edition DV6700 running Vista.
    Processor Intel (R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00 GHz
    Memory 4.00GB
    Hard Disk 180 Gb approx. 50% space left
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    Nintendo DS Lite (white) running ZXDS, "for the win" as the whippersnappers say these days, eh.

    Oh, and various flavors of SPIN or an intolerably old SPUD on an i7, 8Gb RAM, 1/2 TB HD lappie from 2009 (I think). I don't even know what kind of a laptop it is, it's just a weird logo.

    EDIT: Oh, I guess it's an Asus and it's called something like Gamer's World or Gaming Edition? or something like that. It's snappy enough for what I do. Ran Skyrim perfectly the other day. Oh, and it's a true 1080p, stupid small screen ... I'm not sure I can ever get used to WS monitors.
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    What now?
  • Say, what? Emulator? PC?


    Every man should plant a tree, build a house, and write a ZX Spectrum game.

    Author of A Yankee in Iraq, a 50 fps shoot-’em-up—the first game to utilize the floating bus on the +2A/+3,
    and zasm Z80 Assembler syntax highlighter.
    Member of the team that discovered, analyzed, and detailed the floating bus behavior on the ZX Spectrum +2A/+3.

    A few Spectrum game fixes.
  • The 2002 era posts in this thread make fun reading :)

    In 2002 I had a Pentium 4 I think, and I was running ZX32 on it. I still have ZX32 in my Dropbox, where it’s ended up after being copied from machine to machine over the years. The file has a 1997 create date!

    A year or two later I got a Pentium 4M slate with a 1.8” HDD and a stylus touch screen. Horrifically expensive, I think it was over £1400. I remember playing Speccy games on it at work at lunchtime.
    Robin Verhagen-Guest
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    NXtel NXTP ESP Update ESP Reset CSpect Plugins
  • Arjun wrote: »
    P-2 266 Mhz (gag!)
    128 Mb memory
    4Mb AGP sis 6326 (ooeerrr!)
    6 Gb hard disk
    32x CD-Rom drive
    Windows XP

    15 years later...

    Intel i5 3.4GHz QuadCore
    8GB memory
    4GB AMD Radeon R9 270x
    512 SSD + 1 TB SSD
    Some cheap LG 24x DVD Writer (hardly used)
    Windows 10

    No floppy drive anymore, sadly.
  • Intel Atom x7-Z8750
    8GB RAM
    128GB EMMC Storage
    Intel HD Gfx
    1920x1200 7" screen.
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