CSSCGC: Flight of the Condor Simulator - Chris Thomson

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Flight of the Condor Simulator - Chris Thomson

This unofficial tie in to the BBC's hit series of the same name (recently screened in 1982), puts you in the driving seat. Flying high over the Andes you can guide your virtual condor through spectacular senary. Set your self in the mood by playing the official BBC soundtrack (sold separately).

Great features include:

* New path over the Andes every time.

* High resolution raster graphics.

* True colour display.

* Full 1D control over your virtual condor.

* Innovative non-linear scoring system, play against your friends.

* Explore the heights and treasures of the Andes from a birds eye view.

Only available for the Sinclair Spectrum. Be the envy of your friends, get it today!

Download from the CSSCGC wwebsite:
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    I didn't know condors had driving seats.
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    Setting the emulator at speed of 20x, it looks very good!

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