New WoS CD-ROM Project

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I'm about to embark on an ambitious project ... to create new up-to-date World of Spectrum Archive CD-ROMs for you (yes, you) to purchase muchus cheaply so you don't have to worry about leeching from Martijn's FTP server, or mine, or any other of the WoS mirrors :)

- WoS Basic Archive CD-ROM (1 disc) - UKP 5 inc P&P

1x CD-ROM incl. Games, Emulators, Remakes & The FAQ

- WoS Premium Archive CD-ROMs (2 discs) - UKP 10 inc P&P

2x CD-ROMs as Basic also incl. Maps, & Demos

- WoS Ultimate Archive CD-ROMs (4 discs) - UKP 15 inc P&P

4x CD-ROMs as Premium also incl. Clip Art, Adverts,
Inlays, Photos, Technical Documentation, Utilities, Tools,
Music, Games sorted by Type, ZX81 Archive

I'm also considering a tech CD-ROM, excluding the games, but including /emulators and /specfaq from Archive CD1 and most of the stuff like tools, utils, formats from Archive CD3.

Payment is by UK cheque or postal order, or by PayPal. I hope to offer more payment methods as time goes on.

Please note I only accept orders from the UK and Europe at the moment. The latest information will always be at the website -

You can also join the announcement mailing list by going to
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