The funniest thing we made with the spectrum

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The funniest thing i made with the spectrum were championships with my buddy francisco on a game called 3d stunt car racer, i think that was the name of the game.It was great we even had statistics with the record time for each track,we wrote on a paper the classification after each race.It was funny.
Good days we passed doing that.

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    Well, I used to keep very serious statistics about my games on Match Day II, what a game... Like graphs of the season results, comparision with the past season etc. etc.

    But the silliest thing was when my mom forbid me to connect the speccy to the TV because she thought I was spending too much time on it, and I started using it WITHOUT a tv, blindly typing in programs which would react acoustically to the input... VERY silly, yet I've shent afternoons doing that.
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    I used to hold chess competitions with my Spcetrum vs chess computers /other computers / and record all the moves in a log book.
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    i used to use mine to plot my biorythems so i could see when i might not be very well and could bunk off school.I also used it as a calculator when i was doing maths homework typing things like PRINT 10*4.678/34
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    Umm.... I don't really remember doing anything outrageously funny (in hindsight) on the speccy, but I did spend hours on end fiddling with speed, bass and treble settings on my tape recorder to load the odd misbehaving game and then I would note down the tape-recorder setting for the game on its inlay!

    Yeah, its actually funny when u consider how much time u actually spent on loading a game rather than playing it! ;)

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    Carefully typing BASIC programs from magazines like Sinclair Gebruiker and C+VG. My brothers and me spent days doing that. When the moment finally had come to type RUN there was always something wrong and you had to spent days debugging them...
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    I used to play deathmatch on Xybots. I'd cellotape a cardboard partition on the centre of the telly so that your opponent couldn't see where you were hiding.

    What a nightmare getting it of the screen though. lol
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    when i first got my speccy i had a black and white tv so i got one of them green screen covers so then i had a black and green tv lol,it was like looking at the tv thru a quality street wrapper,then i had the idea of using a pair of 3d glasses,1 red lens 1 blue, from CVG magazine that way i would have 3 colours, black red and went dark purple if i left the green screen on.
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    I used to spend hours plotting terrible pictures made out of circles and lines - I remember giving a program listing to a friend of mine... He spent ages typing it in and it drew an elephant's face. He nearly beat me up.
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    The funniest thing I did was to play 3D Stunt Car Racer with the author of this post. I used to play 100% concentrated and dispute each corner in the race as if it was the most important achievement of my life. Also I remember playing Formula One (the one from CRL) on our birhdays with a bunch of guys. I even remember playing Wizard of the Firetop Mountain, although it had horrible graphics, just because we discovered it was based on the book, that we also used to play for hours (the book, I mean).
    Not so funny was to be beaten 10-0 the first time I played Match Day. But I kicked his ass, when I finished Dan Dare first.

    Great times Nuno, thank you so much!

    By the way, how about that Cacau Quente in Palmela?
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    Chequered Flag.........

    I used to switch the demo mode on before passing the speccy over to a mate. He'd think he was doing great. He he he.
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    Changed the pages in sceptical to wind up friends at school and give everyone a good laugh
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    [email="lol@GeeKay..."]lol@GeeKay...[/email] That's classic!
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    Fuzzbucket's one about the elephant face. If only I had been there to see the reaction on the guy after spending all that time printing it out. It sounds like arguably the funniest thing possible.
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    While learning to program i wrote an adventure game called `Binky the clown stole my hubcaps`.

    It was total crap.
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    A massive Scrabble competition, with my games as the competitors.

    Grand Prix seasons with 3D Grand Prix as well.

    And now it's full 7 month (real time) EA Hockey seasons and Super Fire Pro Wrestling X tournaments!!!
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    Once wrote a screen that looked like a South African Airways terminal. Then I Called my Mother into the room and told her I had managed to connect to SAA. And I was battling to crack the password. Then before she left the room. I typed in a password , which brought up the bookings terminal.

    She , Looking a bit daft, Did not know much about the little black spectrum. And did not know what quite to make of this...
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    We first had a black and white tv .Ever tried to play doomsday (pyramid follow up remember ziggy) boy it was hard to guess when the brick changed colour to shoot it another one was xavior by pss software all the rooms looked the same they recon 1096 different rooms.
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    I had a lot of fun, editing the messages in the games, and then copying that game to friends, and they all get some weird reactions when seeing their names on the game plus some word (eg: you asshole) it was really fun...
    Plus, i once convinced a friend that my TC 2068 (Timex 2068)was in fact an 128K... He got some weird porno animation that consisted of 6 screens displayed using the silicon disk of the 128K (LOAD !""), i loaded the screens did some assembly program (yep, u've guessed it, LDIR IX,DE (or was it HL,DE??)), and got the same efect... He was really pissed because the TC2068 was a lot cheaper than the real 128K. That really cracked me up...
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    I used to mess around with text adventures, to see what the most ludicrous thing I could get on screen was.

    One game would always say 'I Do Not Understand' if you typed in something not in it's lexicon.

    I registered my name as 'I Do Not Understand'

    The screen read;


    And I couldn't do the Hobbit, but I programmed a phony 'Congrats You Have Finished the Hobbit' screen shot. It had a fictional passcode and details of how to claim the prize. I tricked my brother into sending off for the prize.
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    We used to get a blank E-90 tape. Create a simple program. which said
    PROGRAM: Gauntlet

    when loading.
    The code consisted of using the
    then saving it to the tape
    And give it to someone gulliable.
    They would spend 45 minutes waiting for it to load
    I'm a 21st Century digital boy, I don't know how to live but I've got a lot of toys.
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    lol @ madkemon and thx - That's some funny sh... ut your mouth!
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    I've never exactly been a computer whizz. I just created masterpieces on the screen(!)
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    I know this isn't a Speccy related thing, but it can be classed in the topic..

    Someone i know in Australia used a Commodore 64 to display screenfuls of text of Doctor Who scripts, record them onto videotape while a poor quality audio tape was playing, being recorded onto video tape at the same time..

    Nowadays, the people who do this, use photographs and video on PCs.. goto to find out more
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    Another thing I did was to imitate a telephone.

    I wrote a little program which would "ring" a couple of times, at random intervals, and plugged a cheap pair of headphones into the ear socket. I dangled these headphones out of my bedroom window,just by the backdoor and went away for the weekend whilst the program ran.

    It drove my dad nuts for a day trying to figure out what was wrong with the phone.
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    A very basic stock control program that was really just an excuse for the management to give me two free microdrives.

    Oh, and managing to work out how to cable and drive a Tandy printer through the serial port.

    Freaking people out by having a Spectrum+ in the shop on the same day they were "leaked" and appeared in the magazines.

    Ooh, those were the days ;)
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    I think I was possibly the saddest person ever to be granted access to a Spectrum. I used to catalogue all my games in a thick book, not only writing reviews for everyone (including all sorts of really embarrasing criteria), but also rating the game, keeping a list of high scores for every game, and drawing the name the way it appeared on the loading screen. It looked really daft, but I was very proud of everyone. When I was bored (or everyone else was watching telly and I couldn't play), I would read through my list of games and their little reviews and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. in case you're wondering, I've always felt that children are really stupid, including myself. Not that I've become better with adulthood. I'm still sad, but now at least there's awareness ...

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    Aha! So, I'm not the only one who wrote daft reviews of games in my collection! Glory be! I also kept little 'snippets' from Computer magazines for 'later' reference. Ha! If only...
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    I, myself, would be very curious about the 'embarassing criteria' you reviewd your games by, anyway... Now, I know that must be something one's rather keen on keeping hidden to the general public, but still... :)

    I used to 'mark' games, like a game would get a 'v' mark if I liked it, an 'x' if I didn't, and an 'vx' or an 'xv' if I thought it oculd be played in a particular mood...
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    i'd be interested to see some of your game reviews,i used to give games a point each time i played them and i would keep a tally score card,then over a month i could see which one i played the most....sad lol.
    Even now i keep a chart of my most played in a month...its nice to look back over the years and see what my favourite games were.
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    Actually, I also used most of the normal things that you see in magazine ratings, i.e. Graphics, Playablilty, Lastability, Sound, etc. I wrote a little motivation next to each, so that I would understand why I gave it that mark, as well as a small summary of the comments. Writing a complete review at that stage would have been impossible, since my English was even worse than it is now :)
    Some of the other criteria I used would be:
    How much would I be willing to pay for this?
    How much did I pay for it?
    would I play it again?
    Loading screen (percentage)? (Why did that have any place in my ratings?)
    Difficulty of loading?
    There was more, but I'm a bit scared to look. I know I rerated everything after about a year and gave them new ratings. Very sad, but I was young. :)

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