How to copy file from tape (*.tap) to disks (*.dsk) ?

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I am using zx32 with win98 and i want (in the emulate +3) copy files from virtual tapes to virtual disks.

I use => load "NameOfFile" (for copy the file in the zx memory) but the result is "drive a: not ready ..."

How can i do it ?
I want copy files on disk for faster access and faster loading.
Have somebody do it the same work or have used an tools for do it.

With C64 programs, it is very easy to copy c64 tapes programs from tapes to disk.
I want do it the same with my speccy (convert the files from tapes to disks).

Thanks for your help

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    I*think* WOS has some sort of utility kit for this manouvre. Look in "Disk Utilities" (surprise!:))
    Haven?t got a +3 meself, so I?m not familiar with the procedure.
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    Correction: checked WOS and couldn?t find it, but if you pop over to Alchemist PD they have an amazing collection which in the +3 department contains one or two utils that might be of interest;-)

    The URL: and then the link "Alchemist PD"

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