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hi there

as i got a hold of an old 486 laptop, i need to know:

which is the fastest dos emulator?
does any emulator uses the pc speaker for sound?

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    The fastest DOS emulator is probably JPP - it runs on a 25mhz 486 or 44mhz 386.

    It's probably worth trying Warajevo first tho' since it has a lot more options to play with including 128K emulation. Warajevo also uses the PC Speaker for sound.
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    I managed to get Z80 running at 92% on an old 386/25, you should get at least 100% on a 486/33

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    I've got a 486/33 and I can play games with Z80 3.0 at about 370%, but this speed can't be reduced (well, you can use H and L options to reduce it, and switch off turbo if you have it; with this cheats I get 97,8%).

    I prefer Warajevo (I think the fastest version is 1.5, read the docs), because it's freeware (it comes with all the options available), can play 128k's games, it has very nice sound (the last version emulates 4 channels 128k sound with the pc speaker!), and it's very useful to load games from tape (if you have the adaptor). It supports almost every snap format.

    The fastest emulator is, however, JPP, but it works only for 48k's games.

    Radical P.C.
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    well, thank you for the shared experience, tha Warajevo is doing a great job, really, no complaints.

    by the way, do you know of a good, Practical, music tracker for the spectrum? or any other reasonable softaware to compose some music on?

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    The best classical tracker for AY is SQTracker, for sampled music SampleTracker and for the beeper either ZX7 (8-channel sound) or Orfeus (nice editor).
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    thanks very much for all the helpfull information! (to Tim, Bri, Radical P.C and Mikie)

    obviously, i use Warajevo now, it's great, but i still haven't found what i'm looking for...i mean, a useable music software, since the emulator wont load any tzx files but that i put on another topic.

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