Games overrated by Magazines

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I know this is a little ambigious (LMLWD) as your worst game could be someone else's best, but sometimes didn't a games review seem a little overboard?

My examples would be:

Driller (97% Overall in Crash). Yes the technology was great. But did any1 actuallly enjoy playing it?

Gerry the Germ (8/10 in Your Sinclair). A complete pile of crap of excuse for a game.

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    all the dizzy games i thought were over rated by games mags.I also thought that games mags always seemed to give ultimate games a high score regardless of what they was like...for me they started to go down hill after underwurlde tho i did play night shade alot.
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    I thought Crash's 95% for Turrican 2 was over the top, but I guess I had been spoiled by playing the Amiga version at a friend's house, so when I bought it for my speccy, disappointment set in. I also thought Crash gave APB too much (93%) but then again I really hated the coin-op also.
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    :o I couldn't believe Pitfighter was awarded a Sinclair User Classic. You only had to play the demo supplied with the mag to see how crap it was. The scaled sprite were so blocky and slow. Even the Sega Megadrive version didn't attempt to scale the sprites. Nice digitised animation at the start though.
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    Gyron, nice 3d graphics, very dull game.
    Uridium (am i the only person who thought it was really unplayable? all my friends seemed to love it at the time)
    And dare i say it - Jet Set Willy...
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    Best of all for me was Smash TV!

    97% in Crash, YS megagame, sinclair user classic etc.

    When I spent ?10 on it I realised it was another awful Dave Perry/ Nick Bruty game - The geniuses wot brung you Dan Dare 3 (dire)and Captain Planet (worse).

    Smash TV was a terrible Robotron clone but like all games programmed by these guys there was no weight to the sprites. your little guy ran stupidly fast around gaming arenas where naff looking things killed you. Imagine gauntlet confined to one screen with worse graphics.

    The only way to successfully play it was to stand your bloke in the corner of each arena and keep hitting the fire key until all the aliens were dead.

    I did this through all 3 levels - out of principle having spent a tenner on it. According to the inlay there were meant to be 4 levels but the programmers probably assumed that nobody could possibly want to stick it out for long enough to notice.
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    Spanish magazines Microhobby and Micromania usually (more than usually) tend to rate spanish games very highly but in really lot of them sucked.. I remember Desperado.. wich had very nice qualifications. The critic said everything were cool in this game but when I bought I find a SUPERSLOW arcade with ridiculous difficulty level and amazing long load periods.
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    Nemesis being awarded a Sinclair User Classic.

    Didn't Rasputin receive a Your Sinclair mega game?

    Both laughably pathetic games.

    Sweevo's World getting 95% in Crash. Good game it may be, but this was OTT (85% to 91% would have been more realistic).

    Zoids getting 95% in Crash. How the hell did you play it?

    Shadowfire getting 96% in Crash. What a load of boring rubbish that was!

    And lastly (here's a controversial one) Elite. I just could not get into this game no matter how hard I tried. Yet I love the sequels.
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    Actually, I loved Driller, and still do - although the Atari ST version was loads better than the Speccy one, IMO. The Speccy version was more technically impressive, though, considering the hardware it was running on. Never got into Dark Side as much, but it looked cool.

    Anonymous - I agree, Uridium just seemed like a gimmick that didn't really work too well.

    And Pitfighter was a load of old bollocks.
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    I love Uridium and even actually still playing it. I just love it, its a superb arcade but its gamplay cannot fit on coin-op?s , IMHO.

    The original is from C64 (Andrew Braybrook) and were cool,.. speccy conversion is pretty cool and superbplayable. moreover I prefer speccy graphics.. Manta fighter is one of my all time favourite sprites. =)

    Uridium was one of the firsts game wich reached a 10/10 on movements in Microhobby.. moreover Hewson released Uridium+
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    Alien Highway receiving (i think) 88% in Crash and a MegaGame in YS

    This game was just too hard to warrant such a high score.

    The prequel (Highway Encounter) is one of the best ever Speccy games (still play it regularly today)
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    I Ball was given a Crash Smash. Admitted, for a budget game it was very nice. But I feel sometimes they made the mistake of confusing \quality of gameplay' with 'value for money'.

    What's the diffference between Uridium and Uridium Plus by the way?
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    Have to disagree, I think I-Ball deserved a Crash Smash... ?1.99 and I still play it today :)

    Great speech too.
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    Purely my personal opinion of course!:

    Dan Dare, Wizball (I just can't control the ball!), Pyracurse, Nemesis, Batman: The Movie (not the Ritman version).

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    dont you find BionicCommando overrated??
    I never was able to take a match to this game.. neither to the coin-op.. to hard I guess
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    I don't know if anyone else will agree, but I still maintain that Knightlore was vastly overrated. It was a fantastic leap forward in 3d graphics engines, and deserves 99% for it's technical brilliance - but I just think it's a boring game.
    Going around rooms collecting objects and dropping them into a cauldron isn't my idea of entertainment, no matter how wonderful it looks.
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    I agree with the Knightlore being over-rated. OK, nice graphics but gameplay wasn't all that good.

    In fact, I'd go as far to say that most Ultimate titles after Alien 8 were all show and no gameplay substance.

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    Arjun: "... Wizball (I just can't control the ball!) ..."

    I'll have to disagree with you on this one. WizBall was one of the best games ever! Me and a mate played this forever (Wizball has the best cooperative gamemode of any game I've ever encountered). We actually managed to complete the entire game without cheating.

    About the controls: It's only for the first 15 seconds or so the ball is hard to control. After you get a couple of powerups, you have full control over the ball, so I guess you haven't played the game enough. If i recall it correctly, you had to waggle the joystick to select a powerup (or perhaps this was only in the Amiga version).

    I strongly recommend that you give this game another try, because it is definately not overrated! You have truly missed out on a superb game. Prepare to lose some sleep if you ever give it another chance, it's one of those games you just can't stop playing once you get into them.


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    Thanks for the tip-off Lars! Will definitely give the game another look. Hope I do better this time around!

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    Rasterscan -pointless game
    Hijack-Walking around offices, where everyone looks the same
    I'm a 21st Century digital boy, I don't know how to live but I've got a lot of toys.
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    Gyron - superbly programmed - but did anyone bother playing it for long?
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    There are dozens of overrated games. Heroes of the Lance for example. Nice monochrome graphics but slow and too difficult. Got 9/10 in YS. However, and such was the trend towards the end of the magazine's life, when re-reviewed, it got a completely crap score. In fact many so-called brilliant games ended up with rubbish scores. You can go through the mega-game list of the old YS mags and pick out title after title that's overrated.
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    I'll have to disagree with you on this one. WizBall was one of the best games ever! Me and a mate played this forever (Wizball has the best cooperative gamemode of any game I've ever encountered). We actually managed to complete the entire game without cheating.

    You FINISHED it? You're the 1st person I've come across EVER that's done that! I couldn't even get passed the 2nd level!
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    It has to be Nightshade being given a Crash Smash, even though it was a fetid pile cat vomit!!!!! IMHO....

    I felt that strongly about it that I sent Crash a letter voicing my disgust...and guess never got printed.
    Get back in the sea ya pi55 guzzling spazmatron!!!
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    Crash were a bit biased towards Ultimate innit? Their games always seemed to score a Smash.
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    Ho ho, yes - Olli and Lissa III. Was there actually a game in there at all? Or should it have been called Advanced Wandering Aimlessly Simulator? I don't think I ever found a single part of that wretched car :(
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    I always thought Tir Na Nog/Dun Darach/Marsport were overrated. In my opinion I always thought Elite was completely overrated, it seemed as though it was a game that if you didn't like it was as if you did not fit in. I still can't see the fascination behind it.
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    A lot of games have to be seen in the context of their time.

    'Driller', for example, now looks slow and it's layout looks primitive but back in 1987 it was astounding. Being able to explore a solid-3D landscape was something that had never been achieved before and it was a revelation. It was also enormously involving. You could spend hours playing it.

    Similarly, stuff like 'Tir Na Nog' and 'Dun Darach' were hugely detailed and open-ended games for their time. I can believe that back in the mid 1980s people would have played them for hours, making maps of the lands or cities. They were the sort-of precursors to later PC/Amiga games like 'Legends of Valour', a city-exploring RPG from the '90s which has, in turn, become something of an aged curio and whose appeal modern gamers might scratch their head over.
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    Virus - YS made it a megagame but I could only be bothered with it for about ten minutes. Crash give it 77% (I think), and that was still too high.
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    On 2005-02-12 02:32, kevlight wrote:
    I always thought Tir Na Nog/Dun Darach were overrated.

    Hey! We'll have none of that talk here, ok. ;)
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    Note : Get sniper rifle, find out where Kevlight lives.....says Elite overated.....better still get a heavy wet fish :evil:
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