Link to picture of the ZX Spectrum (LEGO) robot interface.

You will have to copy/paste this url into your browser. Feel free to download it, or link to it.
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    It's a large pic, over 300k. Sorry.
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    Awesome!!! DId you try any of that?
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    Well, I intend to. I do not feel up to building my own interface as that article suggests, so it's a matter of tracking down a suitable interface on E-bay.

    I am currently building the CYBOT 'Real Robot' kit which was advertised on telly a while ago.
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    A friend of mine has Lego mindstorm robots... I think you program them via the serial port. THAT could be done on a Speccy+IF1, methinks. :) They probably have more active logic inside than the spectrum itself.
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