ID and Chaos, two of the strangest games for the speccy

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ID was a sort of artificial intelligence
program. A mixture between a.i. and an adventure. Cant remember who has produced this game. You had to find out the names of the historical figures, the ID had adapted.
There was a big scandal here in Germany, because one of the persons the ID adapted was Hitler. Another one was Jesus Christus.

I can only remember, that the warehouses in Germany withdraw the game.

The other one was Chaos. From the Games Workshop. Normally they produced only for Apple and C64, they produced only 2 Sinclair Games, as far as I know.
It was a sort of Archon, with more strategic elements and many surprises. You had to fight against your opponent with an armada of chesslike figures. With luck, you could get an golden dragon, the most powerfull figure.

We spent hours, days, weeks, months playing this.
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    I loved ID, along with Deus Ex Machina it was one of the most innovative games I ever played.
    I know ID was by Mel Croucher and somebody else - so it may have been published by Automata, but i'm not sure about that.
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    Ive researched a little on this site,
    it was published by CRL Nu Wave.
    ID was really a strong first release,
    but then they published very apalling shoot em ups and strange mumbo jumbo games.

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    Just finished playing ID. Rather strange game like u said. Had a bit of a tuff time trying to figure out the appropriate question. Finally I figured out that u just needed to ask "why?", and it will give u a clue. After that it was real easy and I finished the game in 10 mins.

    Still, very neato!
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    I played both games only on emulation since I doubt they were ever distributed in Italy at the time (especially ID). When I first tried ID I had not a clue of what I was supposed to do; it was only by perusing the program code that I began to make sense of it. Very original and taxing, but I don't think it's one of those games you play again after having finished it.
    Chaos is part of an excellent breed. It was the first game (I think) from the excellent Gollop brothers that went on to program such classics as Rebelstar Raiders, Laser Squad - my all-time favourite Spectrum game - Lords of Chaos on the Spectrum, and such wonderful titles like UFO, X-COM Terror from the deep, Magic and Mayhem I & II on the PC. The finest examples of tactical warfare computer games.
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