Real long shot: Exolon and Arkanoid cracked and made really pretty but chucked away!!

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Hi guys.

Real, real long shot here.

Many moons ago I launched a cracking group called "Sutton Hacking Force" (the 'group' was my mate Cliff and I). Most of the stuff we did I still have but we did Exolon and Arkanoid which I don't have. If they were just normal cracks I'd leave it but what we did with them they were more like demos rather than just cracks. Exolon was called "Exolon mark 2" and Arkanoid was "Arkanoid: the Untold Story" (very cheesy names for which I apologise profusely), they loaded a first block which contained sampled speech ("Welcome to Exolon Mk 2", "Cracked by the Sutton Hacking Force", "Don't play it hack it"), multi-channel music, new character sets etc, then when you closed that it'd load the actual game - all with whizzy clever loading systems, naturally.

And I chucked them out accidentally in February. They were in a big box of tapes I binned when I moved flat and which I have only just realised (my mind isn't as sharp as once it was) had them in it.

Distribution I know was very limited but if ANYONE knows ANYTHING about these please let me know!!

Many thanks all

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