PSP or GPX2 (or Pocket PC or whatever)?

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I'm going to get either a PSP or a GPX2 (or a Nintendo DS, or a PocketPC or something), so what are the differences between the PSP, the GPX2 and whatever else? I don't care about commercial games, as I'll only be using it for emulation and e-books whilst on the train, waiting for the train etc.

What are the emulators like on these machines, especially for the Spectrum and other 8-bits? What are the e-book readers like? What is the screen of each machine like, and how many characters per line are there when viewing e-books? Which machine has the most emulators? What storage methods do they use? What batteries, and so on.

I know I could search the web for details of each machine, but I'd rather hear the opinions of people who use them for the things I'd like. I basically want a handheld machine for emulators and text, and don't need a stylus for handwriting recognition, or anything like that. I'm looking at a couple of hundred quid or so, though of course less would be better, especially with Christmas coming up. What would anyone recommend, and does it require much work to get emulators to run (the PSP needs specific BIOS versions to run homebrew programs, for example).

Thanks for any answers.
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    for what it's worth, i got a PSP - Main reasons i wanted it was for a movie player and MP3 player. Couldn't be without it now. Games are really good too....
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    I've got a PSP and I use it just about only for emulation nowaday as although the games are good I'd rather put the money towards a 360 game than a PSP one.

    I've used PSPEctrum and that's quite good, pretty much what you would expect from a handheld emu. Arcade games play exactly as you'd expect, text adventures don't!!!

    For Megadrive, SNES, PC Engine, MAME, etc, it is very, very good indeed. I mainly use it for SNES and MD which the emulators are pretty much spot on, only the odd few games on SNES have slowdown (unfortunately Castlevania). There should be a decent N64 emulator eventually which I'm very much looking forward to. SCUMMVM is also emulated and that is brilliant, those old LucasArts and Rebellion adventures play extremely well even today.

    I haven't looked for ages, but you would be best to check before purchasing a PSP if the homebrew stuff is playable only on a 1.50 PSP (or previous) still.

    As Beccy has mentioned, the movie player and MP3 playback are of a very good quality too.
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    My favourite is Symbian S60, it's the most popular kind of smartphone.

    Here's an article about ebooks on S60s:

    Here's an article about game emulation on S60s:
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    if you want to use it as a DivX/xvid player, gp2x will be the best choice with tv-out function built-in. And probably you won't pay any money for software because it's an opensource system. But you won't find any commercial quality games. it's an emulation/movie/mp3/DIY thingy.

    If you are a lazy one, buy a PSP. it has more users and that means more productivity. it looks good also :) You can use homebrew on it too /with the help of a certain hack/.

    NintendoDS, it looks fantastic. a true money eater.

    Gizmondo/Zodiac = nothing to talk about
    Cli? = Nice if you have money.
    11" Core 2 Duo laptop= real best choice.

    Good luck.
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    You'll find everything you need to know about the GP2X here plus the file archive contains all the emulator downloads available
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    Well i'm a huge GP2X fan. The main reason i bought the console apart from emulation is the TV Out which works a dream.

    I havent used any movies on it i must admit, i heard the batteries go a bit quicker on the PSP also.

    On the GP2X i have....

    Atari ST - Great emulator, Megadrive/SMS/Gamegear - Emulator which has all 3, works very very well. Speccy - Works a dream, define keys, use joystick, seems to run all the games i try, C64 emulator - Good emu if you fancy going over to the dark side, the GB emulator works fine (No GBA). NES works perfectly. SNES runs about 95% but i must admit when i try the games they dont seem that slow at all and seem fine. PC Engine is also great.

    For me two of the best emulators are Neo Geo (Cant get the TV Out working) but thats a great emulator to play Metal Gear and the best one is MAME. MAME uses i think rom version 0.36 but theres a ton of great games on there, Commando, Bombjack etc.

    Also it uses SD cards (The old GP32's used crappy Smartmedia cards) so i have a 2 gig card with a ton of stuff on it.

    Never use commercical games on the GP2X, strictly emulation for myself. Havent tried the MSX, Colecovision, BBC, Amstrad , Playstation, Amiga emulators. I also love it that the machines open source and runs on Linux, dont like the way Sony keep putting out firmware which stops the open source on the PSP's so i would rather give my money to the GP2X.

    But running the Speccy games through the gadget on the TV's cool !
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