ANNOUNCE: Fuse 0.6.1, libspectrum 0.2.0, fuse-utils 0.6.1

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I'm pleased to announce the release of the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse) 0.6.1, which is now available from its homepage.

The main new addition in this version is 'competition mode' for RZX recording, allowing Fuse to be used in the Speccy Tour. Other significant changes in Fuse itself include:

* Conditional breakpoints in the debugger
* AY logging (thanks, Matthew Westcott)
* Use read() and malloc() if mmap() fails when reading a file. Allows Fuse to open files on filesystems which don't support mmap (hi, NTFS)

See the ChangeLog for more details, or hacking/ChangeLog in the CVS version for more details than you probably want. The improvements to libspectrum (see below) also influence Fuse, most notably by the ability to read .szx snapshots and Warajevo .tap files.

There's also a new release of the Fuse utilities, with the addition of two new utilities:

* rzxcheck: verify the digital signature on an RZX file
* snapconv: convert between various snapshot formats

Again, see the ChangeLog for more details, or hacking/ChangeLog in CVS for even more.

Finally for this triumvirate, there's libspectrum 0.2.0, the Spectrum file format handling library. Improvements here:

* Support for reading .szx, .zxs, .sp, .snp and +D snapshots, writing
.szx and .sna snapshots, and for reading Warajevo .tap files
* Support for digital signatures in RZX files

As usual, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release in any way.

The security conscious amongst you will note that the key used to sign these releases is different from the key used to sign the previous versions. This is because I'm an idiot and forgot the passphrase :(

The new key has key ID D0767AB9 and fingerprint

064E 0BA9 688F 2699 3267 B1E5 1043 EEEB D076 7AB9

It should be available on keyservers now.


Phil, on behalf of the Fuse team
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    If anyone downloaded Fuse before about 1232 GMT today, please download it again as there was a file (lib/disk_plus3.z80) missing from the tarball. Sorry :(
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