Finding yourself rubbish at games

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Does anyone else like myself find themselves being useless at the old classics that they once were gods at.

Yesterday i thought i would give Jetpac a go as i had some time on my hands and to my dismay i played it like my father did in ye old days in other words like someone with their hands tied behind their back.

I struggled past a few levels and went in the huff and turned the computer off.

Does anyone else find games they were once great at now cause them problems ?

Maybe all these auto saves etc in the new modern games have weakened me.

I'm going off to cry now thanks for reading.
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    Lucky for you you're too late for the Speccy Tour 2003. I would have driven you insane probably..! :)

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    I think as you get older, you lose patience. When you're young, you'd play a game over and over again to get just a bit further into it, whereas nowadays, if you don't do well on your first couple of tries, then it's onto the next game :)
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    I dont know if its lack of patience, or just worse and worse hand-eye coordination, but I seem to be really rubbish at games these days too, or just cant be bothered with them most of the time.

    The Speccy Head over Heels I completed, but I cant even get the &@$! bag in the remake! :(
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    I think it's patience too. In the old days I would be completely useless at platform or isometric games, and good at shoot-em-ups or sport games. That's because it's those games I played the most... :) Interestingly, I can now do a better job at games like Miner Willy than I did in the past. Less patience, yes, but being more "thoughtful", and less impulsive, I can wait for the right time to jump Mr. Trumpet-nose... :)
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    I don't think i have any less patience now than i did in the good old days.

    I do believe over the years, games (not all) have got easier, well on the systems i have owned in years since getting my spctrum 48k i would say the last time i remember the majority of games being hard were on the ST/Amiga.

    Maybe the problem is i just don't play enough games anymore or the demon drink has destroyed too many brain cells.

    Although i am convinced modern games are less difficult, maybe to attract a new type of games playing customer ??

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    Well, I also play a lot of speccy games seriously and I found out that I am actually better at some games than I was in the 80s... JetPac and Sabre Wulf for example... I did 58%(or was it 54?? don't really know...but 50-something) of labyrinth WITHOUT pokes or anything in Sabre yesterday... :)

    Although, there ARE games that I am actually worse at... like the bloody JetSet... but maybe it's just me, as I never used pokes with these games... :)

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    In my case the demon drink has indeed killed off a few cells.
    Im still a mean games player though. :)
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    Well, I think today's game creators try really hard to make sure whoever buyes those $50 games actually COMPLETE them... There's so much effort in the graphics, the sound, the animation sequences, that putting it all in a game, then keeping the buyer away from it would be poor salesmanship. In the old days, once you got to the first cavern in Miner Willy, probably 75% of the developed code had already been "enjoyed" by the player... :)

    Along those lines, haven't graphical adventure games (Lucasarts style) got easier and easier over the years? I think it's for the same reason.
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    Well, I'm certainly no worse now at Spectrum computer games than I was as a kid in the 80s. I still don't complete the ones I never could, but I do manage to clock the ones that I did without fail all those years ago. But ones thing I can't do is play modern games.

    Give me an XBox controller and I embarass myself with my inepitude. My two young nephews run rings around me on all the PS2 games they have.

    Remember how confused Grandpa Simpson was when Bart had him playing his games console, and how indignant he was at "getting down on the floor for this!"?
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    On 2003-10-14 09:42, MattLamb wrote:
    Remember how confused Grandpa Simpson was when Bart had him playing his games console, and how indignant he was at "getting down on the floor for this!"?

    That was Homer, surely... in one of those really old 7G episodes with godawful animation...
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    Nope, definately Grandpa. And it was a very old episode.

    Just remembered which one it is too - Homer buys Lisa a pony, and has to take a second job at the Quick-E-Mart to pay for it.

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    well many moons ago..i used to tap tap at my speccy(most versions i had)..a game was played until i thought i was the spectrum alas many moons later with kids who run rings around me on any console..i feel its the sands of time that erodes the reflexes..but maybe just kick butt amongst the speccy generation*grin*
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    Easy solution...

    Make the kids play SILENT HILL 3, and then hide rabbit costumes with blood around the mouths around the house.

    They'll be so scared and run to their mummies that they won't want to touch the console again - leaving plenty of practise time for you to improve your skills :)

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    rabbit costumes??us lincolnshire folk use the real thing..maybe a decapitated dog or 2..oh yes spectrum games have warped my mind..i know...silent hill 3 huh!! mmm 1 was the best..2 was okish..but jetset willy can still scare the pants off me..flying pigs akimbo!!!!
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    Yes. I used to ' pwn ' Ghosts n Goblins - but I now suck at it.

    Also, I struggle on Chuckie Egg, wheras I used to get past level 30 something....
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    Well, I'm miles better on Atic Atac, Jetpac and Skooldaze these days, however completely cack at Knightlore compared to my youth.

    In the years since we played speccy games afresh, we may have enhanced certain gameplaying skills but neglected others. Therefore, a game we were rubbish at may now seem easier to play, and our favourite game may now seem rock-hard.

    Having said that, I was always rubbish on Wheelie and still am. I therefore conclude my 2D horizontal-scrolling driving game skills have remained constant through the years. ;)
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    Yep, i find im crap at old games now, i was playing robocop a few weeks ago for a review on my site, and found it to be a lot harder than i remember it.
    Whats worse is i must of only been about 10 when i first played this and i completed it, now 13 years later i could only just beat the first level!!

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    We are crap at these games coz we aren't using a rubber keyboard. And also because the games now load instantly. Before in the past we said "Well, I waited 15 mins on this loading, i'm gonna bloody win it!"
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    I think it's a combination of three things.

    The first being that older games were generally harder. I don't mind them being easier now, as you get more for your money (especially as your talking 30 quid a game, rather than less than a tenner). Plus there's less frustration involved. Games might be easier, but they're still not easy. Some are still tough (try some of the abstract platforms levels on Super Mario Sunshine..... nails). Also skill levels are more catered for these days, so you can pick what you want.

    The second is being unfamiliar with the controls. Rubber keyboard or no rubber keyboard, up, down, left, right, can feel awkwards in the current days on analogue control. Also after a while you seem to subconsciously learn control configurations. I played SSX on the PS2 recently for the first time in over a year, and I was all fingers and thumbs....

    Thirdly is getting older and having slightly slower reactions. Though personally I don't find that too much of a problem with the kinds of games I like.

    Ultimately I love the old games for the memories, and the classic playability. I love new ones for their currently cutting edge playability.
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