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Last year I bought a +2 at eBay. I live in New York, USA. I had a +2 when I was in Portugal (6 years ago). I posted a topic here and 2 persons told me how to make a signal that would work in a NTSC tv, but I don't know nothing about hardware or electronics (help!). Is there any adapter that I could use between the Speccy and the USA tvs? If I buy a multisystem tv, that would solve the problem? Can I go to a electronics store and ask to exchange the PAL TV modulator for a NTSC TV modulator (that would be nice, if it could be done). Finally, can someone do a cable or card for me ($$$$) that would send a NTSC signal from the TV output or RGB output? I need a good answer. A multisystem TV is too expensive here, but I know that those TVs accept any signal.
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    there is a schematic for an rgb interface for the Timex/Sinclair 2068..(dont know if it works on the spectrum) in the Timex/2068 Technical manual.
    hope this helps
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    What modifications did they tell you to make on your speecy to view on NTSC. I've been trying to firgure that out for a while. I own a Speccy +2a here in the USA, but haven't been able to use it since I got it. After power conversions and plugging it into a TV all I get is a scrolling screen with no colors.
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    I wonder if it might be possible to get the Speccy to output through S-video. In Europe, SCART is roughly equivalent to S-video (I think - and of course has a much bigger plug), and SCART is used for running import (read: NTSC) consoles on UK (read: PAL) TVs.

    There is of course the method of buying a UK-spec TV card for your PC, and running the Speccy through your PC that way.

    Power converting's a breeze compared to the faffing around with telly systems...

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