do all the games in the archive play on the windows ce version?

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I have a compaq 810 handheld pc. I downloaded the version of spectrum for MIPS handheld devices. Now I would like to download some games to play on my handheld using the spectrum emulator. Can I download any game? Will all of them play? Is it simple to launch a game?
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    At a random guess, not all the games in the archive will work.
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    Will the majority play? I am new to this. Is there something I should try to look for? Any advice to a newbie?
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    On 2004-05-13 13:54, nrg wrote:
    Will the majority play?

    Yes or no.
    I am new to this. Is there something I should try to look for?

    It not working?
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    Roughly, a game working or not depends on:

    a) the type of hardware the game runs on (16/48/128k or other spectrum models). Is the emulator emulating all possible Spectrum versions?
    b) the format the game is stored on. Common formats are .tzx, .tap, .sna, .z80, .scd. Which ones are supporetd by the emulator?
    c) The "quality" of the emulator itself. Some games won't load or work due to inaccuracy of the emulation of the machine, or of the interpretation of the tape format.

    a) and b) you can figure out by looking at the emulator features. Games in the archive are "tagged" about their hardware requirements and tape format, so it shouldn't be hard to find out.

    c) is really a matter of trial and error.

    This is, I repeat, "roughly". Details on how hard it is to run a game depend on the emnulator.
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