Disable BREAK 128 basic

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Does anyone know how to prevent BREAK in 128k basic?
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    Yeah ... stop dropping it on the floor ;)


    PS Sorry but that's all I can tell you ... don't really know the answer to your question.

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    There are some crap ways of preventing a BREAK into BASIC but they crash the machine, which is not really satisfactory.

    The best way is to get hold of a BASIC compiler, either HiSoft BASIC or ZIP BASIC compiler and use that. No breaks, nice n fast code, several problems solved at once. The +3 version of HiSoft BASIC is very good. :)
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    My program uses code merged in from the ram disk, and also several compressed screen$ called with a small machine code routine - will the compilers compile these bits into the code aswell?

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    I think you can acheve something by altering the system variables ERR_SP or ERR_NR (I think, not even sure about the adress, check the manual, its on adress 23613(SP) and 23610(NR) in 48K)

    It is possible to make a subroutine or somethin that will run when the BREAK key is pressed, maybe its possible to ignore the BREAK key that way

    If you want, try to check out the memory of these programs:

    In program Klavesnica pressing BREAK will result the return to the main menu or to write in Slovak "Was the BREAK necessary?"
    Also if you hold it too long it will write "You dont need to hold BREAK that long..."

    The next text game PODRAZ III will give you horrible beeping and a message "That wasnt very nice of you!" and restart the game.

    Im sure there are more programs you could take a look at :)
    Please note that I havent tested this, so I really dunno if it would work ;)
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    Easy enough to do in 48K BASIC:

    LET a=256*PEEK 23614+PEEK 23613-2
    POKE 23614,INT (a/256)
    POKE 23613,a-(256*PEEK 23614)

    Trouble is, it doesn't work in 128K mode.
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    On 2005-07-03 14:33, mgmetro wrote:
    Does anyone know how to prevent BREAK in 128k basic?

    Cut the keyboard membrane ;)
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