How to download games to micro sd card to play on Sinclair zx spectrum vega

Could anyone tell me how to download games from a website to a micro sd card to play on a Sinclair zx spectrum vega , I mean do I use a emulator or a zip file ,how exactly is the process done. Can I do it on a iPad or a small 7inch android ?????


  • Now, I don't have such a machine but I don't think it's possible.

    Unless you can insert a micro sd card in an iPad somehow, as far as I know there's no such slot.
  • This how it's done on the Vega+, I think the Vega is pretty much the same.

    I did write a guide but I can't find it so I found this. Hope it helps.

    What is supposed to happen is the unit reads zxk files for games and generates a file on the SD card called games_data.txt - this is then read by the unit to list titles you have on the SD card.
    However, it seems that the wrong file is created rendering the list unreadable by the unit.
    To get round this, you can create the games_data.txt file manually.
    The contents of the file are exactly the same as the zxk file would have been (you don't need to add these now).
    For example, to list two titles:-
    T:Alien 8
    T:Atic Atac
    So, to break down what's here:-
    T: Alien 8 - this is the title of the game shown on the list - a bug on pressing the info button means it will always display the first title in the list - that makes no difference.
    F: This is the filename you are wanting to play
    M: This is the machine type. I believe only 48 or 128 work.
    K: This is for the keys (its actually the Vega+ buttons. These are in a specific order, comma separated.
    The first entry is unique - it is the sequence of buttons to press to start the game. Some games have more than one button to press to start - so they are separated by a space. So, entering S 1 here tells the unit to send keypresses S & 1 to the title.
    Next is the D-Pad directions. The order there is Up, down, left, right - in our example we have mapped them to Q, A, O & P.
    Then it's the other buttons - F, 1, 2, S - here we have set H, 1, 2, s
    Finally its the bottom 3 buttons.
    Any unused or unmapped keys can be left blank, but you still need the comma. In our example, we have no start sequence as you can press 'S' to start the games, so the mapped key 's' works.
    Finally, we have the D: row - this is to display the key meanings when you press the 'i' button.
    Then rest for other games (the ultimate ones mostly used the same keys so a copy & paste works.
    some keys have special characters:- EN (enter), SP (space), CS (caps shift), SS (symbol shift)
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