Its Saturday, my favourite day, and I'm going to celebrate by playing...



  • I liked Amaurote a lot. I've even finished it (with a poke).

    It looks nice but the game gets repetitive after a while. Still a good game.
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    Bluce_Ree wrote: »
    Odd to see Amaurote getting love here because I thought it was a turd. The 128k presentation was nice though.

    To be fair Bluce, there isn't a lot you do like ;)
    But hey, the idea of this posting is to kick up opinions and discussions on these games.
    But seriously, I couldn't get on with it back in the 80s, but playing it again I can see what they were trying to do. Technically its very well put together, but it does have its problems. I wouldn't say a turd. A turd would have crap graphics as well, so that you could never polish it :))
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    I don't particularly like Amaurote, although I got it free on the cover of S.U. so I wasn't bothered that I wasted money, the problem here was S.U's instructions (Or lack thereof as per usual), were complete b*llocks as always. So I aimlessly wandered around blowing things up til' I ran out of Ammo (I think anyway, I can't actually remember if you can run out ammo, but I thought you could anyway). I also did once I kind of knew what to do hit the queen with the megabomb or whatever, and nothing appeared to happen. So I aimlessly wandered round a bit more.

    I do quite like the look of it, and the 128k sound is very nice, the actual vehicle I would've said was a nice idea, and kind of original, but I have this sneaking suspicion that one of the authors was a fan of Defenders of the Earth, as let's face it you're basically controlling Octon. But I suppose regardless of the nice scrolling, and graphics it's really just another angular plodfest, a pretty one at that, but still a plodfest.

    I don't particularly hate the game, I just wish I liked it more, but alas I don't....
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  • I've got a memory of a lot of games during this period, all looking pretty but having no substance. I think it might have been the age of the 2.99 games which seem to publish a lot more stuff and was less picky. Of course the nice thing about quantity is among them some quality will out!
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  • Well for my choice of a game for Luny's Spectrum Saturdays, I had a good think about a game to suggest, but as there is a vast collection of different games on the Spectrum it was difficult to choose. So I thought back to my childhood and about the games I enjoyed playing. I soon realized that I enjoyed a lot of games from the strange genres of unofficial arcade ports, clones, and the odd Harry S. Price rip offs, so I went along with that theme. I was then able to choose a game which is one I spent many hours playing as a youngster, and back then I was totally oblivious it was a clone of a major arcade coin-op. That game is Into The Eagles Nest.


    Into The Eagles Nest is a top-down shoot and collect game in the style of Gauntlet. Set in WW2 your mission is to infiltrate your enemies building(Eagles Nest) which is being used as their Commander's HQ and rescue 3 allied soldiers, collect stolen valuable paintings and treasures, and then destroy the building. With 8 levels to explore, guards everywhere, limited ammo and health, Into The Eagles Nest is a test of strategic planning, rather than a less successful all-guns-blazing approach.

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  • Today I've gone right back.

    I sat down an clicked the random button only find I've got crabs. So after a good scratch I downloaded them...


    It is everything you expect of the very earliest of games. Its all in BASIC, uses the cursor keys and simple. But we didn't know any difference then. I mean, it meant I had 'pacman' in my living room. The odd thing is they had gone out their way to define the UDGs for the crabs, but not the main player.

    So I decided to move onto something else I had never played but heard about.

    Alcatraz Haary


    I seem to have memory of people saying it wasn't a bad game, so I gave it a go.

    I must admit, being an early Mastertronic, I wasn't expecting much. I was much more simple than my expectation. I even read the instructions. It seems I'm a POW, who must collect escape equipment, find some secret papers and escape.

    Having been told the papers were in sector 138, I wandered around the camp, finding equipment. the guards appeared all frozen, they just ignored me. OK, no challenge there. So I worked my way up to sector 138, nothing. OK, must be invisible. I tried the neighboring sectors first, went back and bam. All the guards ganged up on me for no apparent reason. I was put up against the wall and the bugger shot my head off!

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  • New Flash.

    I've just noticed Alessandro's Anouncement about Doom Pit. So I'm goin to have a bash at that now, then do some painting.
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    Good choices all. :)

    Alcatraz Harry I had BITD (I probably still have the tape) usual 'video shop Mastertronic display' purchase.

    I was slightly torn with picking. I think the ones I rejected I may simply post next week as I wanted to restrict it to two at most. That being said, my choices this time are:

    Spiky Harold
    This all in all is not a bad left/right/jump platform game at all. I think it deserves a bit more credit than it got at the time 'back then'

    Again, not a bad platform type game with a puzzle element thrown in, as you have to think about what path to take.

    If it matters at all, the 'rejected' ones (not the ones I will be mentioning next time!) were 'Xadom and Incredible Shrinking Fireman. I'll not go into the reasons why. :)
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  • I had a go at Spikey, during my 'coffee break'. Wow, I see why they give so many lives. It is quite hard and you need a lot of patience. But well presented and executed.
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  • Yes for its price it was good value. I have to confess the two I chose this time I do own the originals to them and got them BITD.

    However I am going to fire up Rockman myself later as its been ages since i tried it properly.

    I've also carefully (I hope) avoiding picking out 'too well known' or 'common' titles as otherwise it would negate the value of this topic if say someone said "Cybernoid" or "3D DeathChase" etc etc.
  • Agreed. It would be good to find some lost treasures here.
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  • This thread reminds me of the magazine covertape days. Finding some gem games and some odd. Alcatraz Harry yes I had the Plus One with Whodunnit compilation cassette. Not a game that I remember much about so I will have to give it try again. I also had Spikey Harold but if I remember this one isn't very forgiving with jumps and landing, you have to be pixel perfect if I'm right. Rockman I played a lot BITD, had it on a Crash covertape. Good puzzler, but excuse my knowledge but was it clone of Boulder Dash, or the other way round?
  • @luny yes, it would be slightly a shame to add 'very known' titles :) Hidden gems / lost treasures as you say is the perfect way of putting it.

    @Your Spec-chum , RockMan is a clone of Boulder Dash , along with quite a few other similar (Speccy games) that are clones of Boulder Dash. I'd not say its a Repton type clone though as it involves a static screen etc for gameplay. Without looking as I've not re-visited it yet, something at the back of my mind tells me it is compiled Basic, could be mistaken on that.

  • I see well I've got to catch up in the week and give these games some playtime. I got an idea for an obscure game next week also, so stay tuned folks.
  • I wouldn't say Rockman was a clone of Boulderdash really, as the rocks don't fall after you walk under them, there's no loose dirt to dig as you move. I'd have maybe compared it a little to something like Loderunner, but you don't dig holes to trap enemies so that'd be a bit off as well. You have a hammer which knocks a single block infront of you down, or if it's 2 rocks on top of each other destroys the top rock. It's actually quite unique in it's own little way, but the appearance does sort of mimic those few games. the skulls are static, but running into them or falling on them causes death, and the 2 enemies are quite interesting as well, as one moves randomly, and the other always tries to follow your position. Also you use the red areas to move up or down, and so can the enemies.

    It was a great little game actually well worth the couple of quid it cost, and I owned a real copy for years, and years. I used to have a little wooden cassette holder box, and I think it only held 12 tapes, but I had my go to budget games in it sitting out under my TV for years. I had so many other tapes I stored them in big boxes under my bed. But I had a small selection I never put away, because I'd always know I was going to end up playing them. Rockman held a solid spot in that little cassette holder.
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  • Good morning all.

    I found a couple of oddities that do not often get mentioned and gave them a quick bash this morning:



    For anyone who hasn't played this Mastertronic release, its bit of a budget Starquake. You play L.I.N.D.A who has to find 8 grandes and take then to the lair of the green slime. On the way, through a maze of caves, is a collection of floating baddies who spawn from a little machine, bonuses and recharge objects. You can shoot he baddies and jump between platforms.

    It plays very smoothly and the pace is quite fast. The caves have the odd variation to keep you interested but the backgrounds aren't quite as detailed as similar games, the maps being made up of quite big blocks. But it still looks pretty. All in all a great game, especially if you factor in the budget price it would have been back then.

    The Snowman


    Yep, you've got it a game based on Raymond Briggs famous book and xmas short. However the only thing in common is it contains a smowman with a green hat and scarf. There seems to be no flying, welsh kids singing or a visit to the Northpole. Instead you have to wander around your 'garden' along icy 'paths' and collect snow to build the Snowman before you fall asleep. Wandering around the garden are 'baddies' that can send you to sleep.

    That said, its a typical cutesy game found around that era, the graphics are simple but pleasant. The instructions say garden, but really this is a platform game with ladders, which plays like Panic! or Burger Time. The paths being the platforms and ladders in this case. There is one slight problem, if an up/down path crosses a horizontal platform, you have to be absolutely accurate in aligning your boy with the platform else he won't move left or right, you can't even use the diagonal move approach to pick up the path on the way down. This is crucial when being chased and it hampers your escape when being chased.

    The first level was reasonably easy as the baddies add tiredness and do not 'sleep' you with one hit. Also you can use this to your advantage as when carrying snow and you get hit, you lose the snow which gets reset. Sometimes the reset means the snow appears nearer to your drop point and all you lose is a little 'awakeness' (power). As you collect more snow the Snowman slowly grows until you have ahead which means the next level.

    Things change a little on the second level, now you have to collect the hat and scarf and the baddies send you straight to bed. So the learning curve ramps up a bit and things get harder. So I'm not sure what happens next....

    My only thought on this is how did Quicksilva get a license to the Snowman without getting Fungus the Bogey man. But I suppose we should be thankful as this doesn't really reflect the feel of the original book and Fungus really needed some nice colourful graphics and game play...
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  • Today I've chosen what I think is quite an obscure game. It was written by Polish coders Mat [2], Ziutek, and published by Rainbow Dreams. However if you were an avid Your Sinclair reader like myself you might have memories of it from the covertape of issue 80 August 1992. I was a young Spec-chum just turned 12 years old and starting secondary school then. It's a puzzler known as Logo: Part I.


    This is a 128k only game. It's also quite difficult puzzler to work out if you haven't read the instructions. Firstly their is a Game Field grid, and a Pattern grid. You have to place the tiles in the Game Field grid to match the Pattern grid. But it's not that easy as the number/colour of these tiles changes when placed adjacent either vertically or horizontally next to another tile. The game can be controlled by joystick or re-definable keys.

    Have fun and a good Saturday all!

  • Scumball is a great little game, I still play it from time to time, even though I did finish it a very, very, long time ago. I still see those nightmare words though "Bad move! Don't go down from 118". Fancy putting an IDS in a game like this, total dick move :))

    Of course once you know where that is you'll hopefully not fall for it again, or at least once you've managed to read the text anyway. It vanishes so fast it took me years to actually read it properly, so it tells you what not to do, but does it so quickly you can't read it properly :))
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  • Aah, I wondered what that was. I had a quick look at the map after a few goes out of curiosity. I guess it was a trap for inf. lives. But as you say, once you know...
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  • Cheers luny, both of those games I don't believe I've ever played before, so will give them try when I can.
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    Good selections. :) I've not been able to participate this week sorry (unwell) but by next week I'll have tried/enjoyed(maybe?) the selections for 'this week' and will have some fresh ones of my own to contribute for 'next time' :)
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    Cool, hope you feel better soon Spider.
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  • New games for me. Loved Snowman..really sort of cute. Yes..hard to see how it ties in with DA DA DA...The Snowman. Anyhoo..a bit excessive if you fall off any edge and drop miles back into bed and those damn flames are tricky.Quite addictive. N1.
    On those afternoons in utopia..
  • Its Saturday, my favourite day... Um, what? oh! no its not Saturday yet.. Blast. I'm off to read a book.
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  • It's been a bit quite on this thread so let's give it a bump, and mix old school cool with some new flavors. B-)

    About a week ago, I had these brand spanking new beauties delivered to me thanks to Cronosoft. Well chuffed with them.


    There I have Quadron by A. Beale (A.K.A Cosmium), Eggheads Cracking Day Out by Jonathan Cauldwell, and Splatter by Bob Smith. I've been looking forward to giving these a try, and as I had a couple hours free today, I couldn't think of anything better than setting up the old +3 and giving these games a try. First up it's Quadron.


    A look at the box and tape, followed by the loading screen.


    Then I'm afraid this game fails to run on my +3. Not a fault with the tape or anything. The game was written on a 48K Spectrum and isn't compatible with +2A/+3 models. Never mind it's good reason to dig out one of my 48K's another day.

    Next up I loaded up Jonathan Cauldwell's, Eggheads Cracking Day Out. Here's a look at the box and tape.


    And here's the loading screen.


    I use to play the original Egghead back in the day, but this is my first play of one of Jonathan's newer games. I managed to get the hang of this game straight away, with the Egghead character easy to control so you don't have to be pixel perfect with jumps like some platformers. In the game you have to collect segments of encrypted code from the Museum of Computers to rescue your pal Izzy. However it's not that easy as Commodore extremists who aren't happy just kidnapping Izzy, but are also intent on wiping out all history of Sinclair computers from the museum and the Internet with their Sinclair Death Ray Technology.


    I played the game for about 25 minutes and found a few codes already. Will come back to this one again soon and put more time into it as I quite enjoyed this game.

    Next up it was Bob Smith's Splatter. A look again at the box, tape, and loading screen.



    Splatter is an arcade shooting gallery game for 128K Spectrum's. It's certainly a colourfest with no colour clash, and great sound effects making good use of the 128K memory with in-game AY music. I found the game like Egghead earlier, easy to get the hang of and play. Blast away ducks, ghosts, even cupcakes in 32 unique levels.


    Enjoyed playing this one and certainly one I will be coming back to.

    Next up I went for classic game to not only test to see if my disk drive to works, but it's a classic racer that I've always enjoyed playing.




    And that concluded my Spectrum gaming session this Saturday.

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    ooh, nice big posting, excellent. I'm afraid I've been a bit tied up these last few Saturdays and was up and out early so I haven't really had time to do this. So thanks for keeping it going. There are some great choices there.
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  • Luny wrote: »
    ooh, nice big posting, excellent. I'm afraid I've been a bit tied up these last few Saturdays and was up and out early so I haven't really had time to do this. So thanks for keeping it going. There are some great choices there.

    No probs mate, I have to work occasional Saturday's so I will miss some, but I've been meaning to get round to setting up the +3 as I don't think I've used it for over a year. Good to give the old hardware a bit of exercise and run some new titles on it. Shame I didn't get Quadron to run as it looks a great game. There was a little note in the box explaining that it was not compatible with +2A/+3 models. I've got a few working 48k's I can play it on, so no trouble.

  • I notice that the Cronosoft tapes are not "paperless" ;)
    You can't expect me to have lunch with a man who's favourite part of the chicken is the right wing!
  • I notice that the Cronosoft tapes are not "paperless" ;)

    He he, actually this day and age shouldn't they be plastic-less? Be made totally of paper?
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  • I notice that the Cronosoft tapes are not "paperless" ;)

    You should start a thread documenting which are, and which aren't. :-?
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