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  • X-Comm: The gender bit!

    Yes , I have remembered at last ,some type of cooperative games are for when you play with girls . (how could I forget that?) But X-Comm is not a particularly female oriented game , after all here I was playing this cooperative game with a load of blokes . So this is a "male team bonding" type game . The need a Mastermind/organizer for it does give it a team based "authority structure" or "team based hierarchy" that guys can relate to. And everyone had their role to play in the team . Yes I understand it now!

    And there is no team bonding in Tank Attack

  • The X-Comm App runs on the like on an I-Pad which is pretty powerful . but has the Speccy been used to the full as an "App-like" running device , Could it support cut down app version that would "just about" do enough to support board games? So in effect could a Speccy perform "enough" to "get by" in running the core essentials of "app type" board games? in other words , could a board be "grabbed" and a Speccy app done for it in basic "cut down " form that is enough to do the basics?

    I suppose the limitation will always be "An I-pod can do it better so why bother?" Si in this respect the "mileage" does seem very limited BUT the rules could be rewritten for that board game to produce a different Speccy version . So there could be potential "mileage" for improving a duff game with a good board! (Maybe?)
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    Would it be possible to do a simpler version of X-Comm with a Spectrum based app but using the board game as supplied?
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  • Verdict on Tank Attack?

    My sons tell me that TANK ATTACK fails (especially with the so called ADVANCED rules) by 'standards as it is not tacticallycomplex enough but is also very time consuming..(But I like it!)

    Right now there is a huge boom in board gaming going on with shows and conventions at the NEC etc . So if a game is deemed to be successful as a board game and likely to have a long life , there is the opportunity for it so be Spectrumised .For instance "Ticket to Ride" board game is a great board game and is also available on Steam for PC . So with "Ticket to Ride"it is PC or Board Game but no "combo" version like TANK ATTACK. So could "Ticket to Ride be Spectrumised ? There is a European version of the board game . I know it is a forlorn hope now but theoretically it might be possible as the Spectrum would perform an "accountancy" and "housekkeeping " role only (like Tank Attack , but arguable a better game!)
  • It has been a while since I have had any ideas on these Spectrum games with actual game boards . I have just thought of another one . So I will update the list so far . The one I have jusr remembered is ARMAGEDDON by Martech .

    So now the list looks like this:-

    1) Armageddon by Martech
    2) Tank Attack ( I found a +3 version of this on TZX Vault)
    3) Conflict by Martech
    4) Brian Clogh's Football Fortunes (CDS)
    5) ATRAM
  • It has been a while since I have had any ideas on these Spectrum games with actual game boards . I have just thought of another one . So I will update the list so far . The one I have jusr remembered is ARMAGEDDON by Martech .
    Are you thinking of The Armageddon Man? There's no board for that.
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    Reply to Antiriad 2097

    Yes Sorry . I mean the Armageddon Man by Martech . And yes it DOES have a board !

    The Long Explanation (a paper substitute "game board" hidden away behind the outer sleeve!) :-
    Some of these games like ATRAM and CONFLICT (I think : but I do not have the Conflict game) come with proper full sized boxes just like the old big board games of yesteryear .However even board game manufacturers realized that this took up too much expensive retailer shelf space so they started doing foldable boards that needed smaller boxes ( like Tank Attack : it has a good box but only for a foldable board) . But even the cost of this was too much for Speccy cassette based game manufacturers so some of them came up with the wheeze of squeezing in the board (now reduced to a paper map) behind the sleeve on the cassette box .

    How I found out about the " Armageddon Man" Map as a paper board for the game :Eventullay I found out that "The Armagddeon Man" by Martech had a map or a board . This is how it happened:- Very recently ,at home , I came across a tub of coloured plastic game counters that had been prepared by me (ages ago) with stick on Armageddon transfers .I realized that I had prepared these as counters but had not got round to playing the game itselfwhich was now back in the loft - so I had slipped up as I had not put all this kit together ,boxed up ,in one place - I should have put it all together in a specially prepared bog box Therefore because of this oversight ,unfortunately the cassette box had become "dissociated" from the rest of the game - not lost exactly- but neverthelss a bit difficult to locate , somewhere in the loft . I saw another copy on Ebay which said it had a map but it was not shown in the pics in the Ebay display . So I enquired as to whether there actually was a map as described (but not seen) and was informed that there was a map behind the sleeve. As it was behind the sleeve it had not shown up in the pics . I thought some extra counters and an extra paper map (as fragile) would be useful so I got this in as a second copy . I will now make the effort to prepare a big box for all the bits . I still have not played it yet though! But I am fairly sure the map for this game is a kind of paper based game board substitute! So it will be treated by me ( for this purpose) as a GAME BOARD ( even though it is paper) . Yes , wisely I have decided that it is the FUNCTION it performs that matters not the MATERIAL used!
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  • Its just a paper map you can stick markers on to remind you where you paced satellites iirc.

    It isn't integral to the gameplay and offers no real addition or benefit other than being bigger and clearer than the in game map.
    The game plays the same without it, I had the map stuck on my wall and never used it.

    A map for just about any other game might have been useful. Sabre Wulf with a map is much easier. Armageddon Man with a map makes no difference.
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    Further reply to Antiriad

    Can one get BORED with this? (only joking). Is a marginal paper board still a game board? . I say it is! (vote for me!) But you seem to be saying that it a good enough to keep so it must be a half decent (not boring) game which is the main thing .And my point is that these games take extra effort to keep intact . Usually if you buy a game like this , some of the pieces are missing as people did not take the trouble to keep it all the bits together . I suppose "scattered" like this, as they are, complete sets become rare.

    The other Martech game "Conflict" again by Martech is inceredibly rare and expensive to buy complete . These kits were right on the margins of what could be economically produced at the time . "Corners were cut" ( and that is why all the peices fell out of the boxes! Only joking!)
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  • More Armageddon Man and the Warp Factor

    I was pleased I that I (years ago) had used game"Ludo" type game counters for the plastic stick on legends that came with the game. All mine were still OK But this was not the case with the game just arrived in the post. When I examined the Martech map in the "just arrived by post" game it said it was "Printed and Produced by Martech in the year 2032AD" . (This probably explains why the stick on circles still stuck on the map had degraded) - a few of these stick ons had been left stuck on the map and the legend/emblem on these was destroyed when they were removed. ( I wanted to clean up and tidy the very folded and very creased looking map) . Presumably this "counter degedation" caused by the heat of the "time warp effect" of warping back from 2032 . Yes I can see now it all makes sense!

  • Wow . Just seen a copy of the Speccy boardgame "Conflict" go for £102 on Ebay

  • Re the "price of Conflict" :- I reckon this has a lot to do with the shutdown ( so another thread is needed)
  • Antiriad has raised an intersting concept - the idea of a very marginal gameboard . These are included in the game but are not strictly necessary to play it .

    Well as there are so few of these game I think it is best to take a broad view and include these marginal board games . And this made me think of another one :- TREACHERY (C&VG) 1984 . I bought some yellow tokens for it for a couple of quid a couple of months ago . I have not seen the board but there must be one - so "TREACHERY" is in!
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