zx spectrum +2 no clock signal ??

help me ......
looking at a specie +2 (original +2) it is the Z70700 issue 1 (uk one) i seem to have no clock,no display,no sound at all. it is showing 5 volts from the reg and 12 volts on the tea 2000 (well nearly 12) i have tries a different crystal,changed TR 8, & TR 9 although i don't suspect them,i have just replaced all the electrolytic caps as they did not look very good at all .. still no change with that lot done,i know the ULA/ROM/CPU are good as they have worked on another.. i am looking at IC 12 by the crystal (LC74HCU04) i notice that pin 2 goes to the cpu pin 6 (clock) and that pin 13 of IC12 goes to one side of the crystal and pin 9 goes to the other side of the crystal. so im thinking is this IC fubar ?
any advice would be much appreciated


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