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Welcome to the search page. You can browse through an A-Z of the entire NVG catalogue by clicking HERE (bearing in mind that some of these pages have LOTS of entries (eg "S" has over 1,000 entries), so it might not be wise if you have a slow internet connection. But, if your company/University/College is paying for the bill, then give it a go :-)) (and just say to the lab technicians that it is for course work on old computers!)

Alternatively, you can use the NVG Search engine. This fantastic feature is the product of the hard work and helpfulness of Martijn van der Heide. I think it is only fair you go visit his homepage, or send him an email by way of a thank you.
And now, to business......

Simply type the name (or a part of the name) of the game you are looking for. I would advise you put in as many characters as possible to speed up the process (IE don't just put "REN" if looking for Target Renegade. That sort of idea)

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