Transferring files between the +3e and a PC/Mac

Because the +3e uses its own filesystem which is not directly understood by other computers, it is not always straightforward to transfer files to a +3e. Luckily there are now a number of different utilities available to help you.

Some of the utilities may not transfer files directly to your +3e's hard disk or compactflash/SD card, but to an .HDF image file. These .HDF image files can be read or written to your real disk or card as described on the emulators page.


This is a command-line utility by Miguel Angel Rodriguez Jodar, and works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It can be found at
3e StrowSaw
This is a Windows-only GUI frontend for the 3e utility, written by Davide Guida, effectively giving you a graphical file manager for your +3e files. Find it at
idedosfs and plus3dosfs
These are FUSE filesystem modules which together allow you to mount +3e .HDF disk images and use them as if they were native Linux filesystems. Find them at


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