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Crivvens, I don't touch the site for a year and then I update it twice within a short period of time...

A teeny, tiny update - I quickly rehacked Salamander myself, as Jason Marshall confirmed the POKEs there didn't work. He also let me know what the POKEs for Sam Fox Strip Poker did. Hurrah!

In case anyone hasn't read comp.sys.sinclair, I have joined up with Nick Humphries of Tipshop, the biggest central resource of Spectrum and SAM games hints, tips, maps, hacks, and cheats online. The whole of Hack Attack III is integrated into Tipshop, and will continue to be so. This means that you now have 2 places you can look for Multiface POKEs - here, and The Tipshop. All of the POKEs here should now have a link to The Tipshop.

So, does this mean the end of my hacking? Hopefully not, as I do enjoy it. However, doing all the OCRing for Tipshop does take up a load of time - unless anyone wants to offer help? No, thought not...

Anyway, if you're at all into Spectrum games, go see Tipshop now! You won't be sorry.

OK, rant over. Welcome (back?) to my humble WWW page. Hope you find something useful.

Oh, and the
"What's new, Pussycat?" section has been moved HERE.

Hack Attack III
Hack Attack III

NVG Catalogue
NVG Catalogue

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(Downloads, oddly enough)
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The Tipshop
The Tipshop - the biggest central resource of Spectrum and SAM games hints, tips, maps, hacks, and cheats online. Maintained by Nick Humphries and myself (hence the huge plug heheheh).

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