Hardware Feature #19
Name Manufacturer Price
Robotarm Datel Electronics 49.99

Datel Robotarm

The following advert was taken from Your Sinclair December 88

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Explore the fascinating science of robotics with this fantastic full featured Robot Arm.

Human like dexterity. . with 5 axis of movement it is so versatile it can manipulate and pick up any object as small as a paper cup or as big as a tennis ball.

Easily controlled using 2 joysticks (any 9 pin type) or connected to your Spectrum with our special interface/software to give computer/robotic control.

Comes with accessories including:
Standard grip jaws to mimic finger type grip.
Magnetic Finger Adaptor with release mechanism.
Shovel attachment for materials handling.
4 stabilising legs for heavier jobs.

Uses 4 HP2 batteries (not supplied) to power motor movement.

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