This is were you will find features, reviews and advertisements for some of the hardware mentioned in the Index.

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AMX Mouse
The device for sophisticated pointer control.

A parallel printer interface.

Spectre Comms Pack
The ROM-based comms package from Spectre Communications.

Cheetah Specdrum
A splendid drums machine.

Challenge Sprint
The Sprint high-speed data recorder.

Watford SP-DOS Disk Interface
Another disk interface.

Hardware Specials

Tape Drives
A brief history of the tape drive.

Loop The Loop
An article about the Microdrive.

Non-Impact Printers
Special article including the ZX Printer.

ZX84 !
Sinclairs rumoured new machine for 1984.

Hardware Features

Alphacom 32
The main rival to the ZX Printer.

Basicare System
A multi-unit expansion system.

BETA + Disk System
Is it the Microdrive beater ?

Cheetah Defender
A hand held light gun.

Cheetah Midi Interface
Musical interface and software.

Cheetah Sound Sampler
Lots of fun with this sampling device.

Currah Microspeech
A very popular speech unit.

Cheetah RAT
Remote control transmiter - joypad.

Currah Microsource
Assembler, de-buger and Forth on cartridge.

Datel Sound Sampler
Sample those sounds and modify the results.

Datel Robo Arm
Spectrum controlled robot arm.

A well known and much loved
disk interface.

DK'tronics Keyboard
The most popular replacement keyboard.

A serious challenger for the ZX Printer ?

A graphics tablet.

Mancomp Keyboard
A lesser known replacement keyboard.

Micro Command
Voice controller for your Spectrum.

Multiface One
The most popular snapshot interface.

Opus Discovery
Very popular disk drive and multi port device.

Petron Trichord
A three channel sound interface.

Prism VTX 5000
The most popular modem.

Ram Music Machine
Powerful midi/sound interface.

RD Digital Tracer
A drawing/tracer arm.

Red Box Starter Pack
Home security device.

Sinclair Interface I + Microdrive
Everyones favourite device !

Sinclair Interface II
The ill-fated cartridge slot.

Sinclair Official Upgrade Kit
Keyboard Upgrade offered by Sinclair.

Stack Light Rifle
Multi-part light gun.

Stonechip Keyboard
Replacement keyboard with built-in amp.

Swift Disk
A disk storage system.

The revolutionary joystick.

Triton QD
Another storage system.

Grafpad's main rival in the graphics tablet area.

Trojan Lightpen
well known screen drawing tool.

USP Expansion
A mass expansion system.

Volex TT2000s
A teletext adapter for your Spectrum.

Voltmace S3
Hand held, thumb controller joystick.

Another challenger to Sinclair.

ZX Lprint
A centronics printer interface.