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Triton QD Triton 119.00

Triton QD

The following review was taken from Crash 21 Oct 85

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Large cream coloured disk drive unit with integrated power supply and mains lead to black coloured interface box which connects to the Spectrum system edge connector. Interface provides an expansion port for printer or other add-on. A slide switch is provided for drive selection. Interface 1 may not be connected to the system, as it uses the same ROM configuration.

Although the TRITON QUICK DISK uses hardjacketed floppy disk media, it falls under the category of the stringy floppy systems, as the access is not random but sequential. Unlike the standard disk drives where individual tracks may be accessed by positioning the read/write head with the step motor, the TRITON QD combines the floppy disk rotation with a continuous linear tracking of the head and thus creates a single spiral track along the disk similar to a record groove.
The spiral is completes within eight seconds whereupon the linear motion disengages and returns to the start position. This means that consecutive access time is restricted to eight seconds. In general, this works out faster than the Microdrive and similar to the Wafadrive. Formatting requires only one go and this means an extremely fast formatting time. The interface caters only for one drive and should a second drive be required, a second interface will have to be installed.

Extended Basic residing in shadow ROM.
FORMAT <drive number>, CAT * <drive number>, SAVE * <drive number> "filename",
LOAD * <drive number> "filename", ERASE * <drive number> "filename"

Slow access due to loop time. Fairly expensive for stringy floppy type drive without serial or parallel ports.

2.8inch jacketed floppy disks with write protect tab.

Max number of drives per system: 2
Storage capacity (formatted): 100k (2 sides)
Number of sectors: 20 per side
Sector size: 2.5Kbytes.
Data transfer rate: 101.6 Kbits per sec.
Recording density: 4410 BPI

Formatting: 8 sec.
Cataloguing: 2.5 - 8 sec.
Loading screen: 2.5 - 8 sec.

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