Hardware Feature #4
Name Manufacturer Price
Trickstick East London Robotics 28.00



The following advert was taken from Sinclair User - October 1983

You know what it's like when there's something closing in fast and your joystick won't do what
your brain wants it to.

It won't let you loop or curve the way you'd like, or arc and spin at the speed you want.

You can't get away quick enough, so what happens? ZAP !

For just 28.00 (+ postage), the Trickstick responds at the speed of light.

With it's revolutionary light sensitive controls and its own interface, the Trickstick lets you go where you want, at the speed you want. Not just up and down or side to side, but round and round in any sized curve or loop you need to build up really big scores. And the Trickstick is easy to use. All you do is pass you thumb or fingers over the controls and your craft responds immediately.
And because the only moving parts are the firing buttons, the new Trickstick will last far longer than old fashioned joysticks.

Best of all, for 28.00 (+ postage), you get a Trickstick, a special training program and a chance to enter the National Trickstick Championships.

Up to eight players can play simultaneously.
For the very first time, you can now play with up to seven of your mates.
With our specially written game, you can either play against the computer, against one friend, inteams of two or three or however you want. Just by plugging in extra interfaces to each other, up to eight of you can loop the loop and battle it out. All at the same time.

So if you thought computer games were already exciting, wait until you get your hands on a Trickstick.

Revolutionary new software.
Developed especially for use with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and fully compatible with standard Kempston software, the Trickstick makes your existing software even more fun. But because its so revolutionary, it's actually made possible a whole new generation of software. The first of this new generation is Attaktics, a brand new game which really brings out the full potential of the Trickstick and is available for only 7.50 when you buy your Trickstick.


Review from Sinclair User May 1984

The long-awaited Trickstick from East London Robotics has been released. It is a 7" long black plastic cylinder with six touch-sensitive pads which simulate the four usual joystick movements plus two fire buttons. It is complete with an interface which plugs into the back of the Spectrum. Up to eight can be plugged in at any time
and there is an option to give proportional movement on specially-written games. Normally it simulates the Kempston joystick, so there are many games readily available on which it can be used.
The touch pads are drawing pins which use you body as an aerial to pick up mains hum. That is converted by electronics to simulate the keypress. As some people are better 'aerials' than others, the sensitivity of the stick
can be altered by a small screw near the top.
The stick was tried on a number of games including the trainer tape supplied, and worked well. It takes some time to get used to it, unlike a joystick but, once mastered, was just as useful. The only difficulty is that you need two hands to use it, so for games where you have to use the keyboard as well as a joystick, you have to keep removing your hands.
If you are looking for a joystick, the Trickstick is worth considering. As it has no moving parts it should withstand a good deal of use and, provided you can spend time getting used to it, it is quicker than most joysticks.

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