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What Is It ?

This list is an attempt to catalogue all of the hardware add-ons that were available for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. The list began life just before May 1997, with the first list being 'published' at the same time as my web page appeared. Hardware for all models of the Spectrum can be included with only joysticks being disregarded.
This is an on-going venture that you are encouraged to participate in, and all help is greatly appreciated.
Many Spectrum fans will be familiar with many of the entries, such as the DK'tronics keyboard, Interface 1 and Kempston joystick interface. This list will also inform you of the lesser known items such as the Heart Rate Monitor, Adam Adaptor and the recently added Logotron Sprite Board.
I hope you find this list in some way useful, if only to reminisce about
the days when 48k was all you needed !

Why No Joysticks ?

There are a few joysticks mentioned, but only those that are different from the average 'stick & two button' jobs. Sticks like the Trickstick or JE Lazor deserve a mention becaue of the new approach they took. Standard joysticks must number in the hundreds, with so many variations, it would be very hard if not impossible to catalogue. If anyone wants to have a go, then please do.

Further details

You can click on the 'more' links to the right of each device name to obtain further information, as well as photographs, magazine reviews and adverts, system tapes or copies of the ROM images. This information is provided through Sinclair Infoseek.


If you have any corrections or additions to this list, please e-mail me, and try to
include where you attainded the information (magazine, issue, date,) Even if you have more information about an already listed item, I would still like to hear from you.

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The following items are known to have existed, but I have little or no details about them.
If you can help me, please feel free to e-mail me.

Stonechip light Pen
Mentioned during a review of another light pen.


Malyrule for supplying info on Masterface 1B, 2B, Macface, AY Interface, Stavi 128 upgarde and a lot of text info on the FDD 3000.
Majik for confirmation about the Romantic Robot version of the Videoface.
FBI for information about the MB-02 disk interface and the Proface.
Damien Guard for info on Multiron stuff, Redditch I/O and the Datel 3 channel sound synth. Also info on the VTX5000.
Brian Gaff for info in the VTX5000.
Patrick Reilly for info on the VTX5000.
Andy Davis (Alchemist Research) for info on the Ram Turbo, Prism VTX5000 & Video Vault Upgrade and Crescent 128 disc system. Also info on the Fiz Disk Interface.
Jozsef "Sam. Joe" Samu for info on SpeccyDos.
Magnus Loutit for info on the I-Pack.
Ruggiero Antonio for info on the Challenge Sprint.
Matthew Wilson for info on the Swift Disk.
Mac Buster for info on the Keyboard Mouse.
Compusound for info on the Telesound devices.
Jim Grimwood for the SPOT and SPEX databases, catalogueing hundreds of items.