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Name: OEL TTX2000 more
Manufacturer: O.E. Ltd
Year: 1984
Type: Telecom/Network
Price: £125.00
Blurb: Teletext adaptor for the Spectrum. Connects to the Ariel and receives Ceefax and Oracle. Store pages for later viewing. Original versions could not download the software available, but later versions included an updated ROM that added this cabability.
Note: This may be the same unit as the Volex TTX2000S, but the boxes and manufacturers are different. Any further info ?

Name: Omega more
Manufacturer: Quant Systems
Year: 1985
Type: Add-on
Price: No price given, but it excludes vat !
Blurb: Run CP/M on your computer via a standard RS232 port. Box contains Z80a, 64K RAM, 4K ROM, serial and parallel ports. Runs CP/M 2.2.

Name: Omega SCSI/Plus Adaptor more
Manufacturer: Quant Systems
Year: 1985
Type: Disk
Blurb: Low cost SCSI controller that connects direct to the Omega. 4 Megabits/sec throughput.

Name: Omnibot more
Year: 1985
Type: Robot
Price: £180.00

Name: Omni-Reader more
Manufacturer: Metroheath Ltd
Year: 1986
Type: Add-on
Price: £39.99
Blurb: Optical character reader for the Spectrum. (amongst others). Flat plastic base with a rod at the right hand side, allows the reader arm to move over the document and the software converts it into text on the screen. The unit computes the letters of the text and transmits it as standard ASCII to the computer.

Name: One Finger Mk.II more
Manufacturer: RAMS
Year: 1983
Type: Keyboard
Blurb: A one fingered typewriter for disabled people. Originally developed on the ZX81 (Mk.I), the interface and software allowed any disbaled person who could move at least one part of their body, to use a microcomputer. Programs developed for the system include a full featured word processor.

Name: On/Off Switch more
Manufacturer: TEC Publications
Year: 1985
Type: Miscellaneous
Price: £4.95
Blurb: Saves wear & tear.

Name: Opus 3 inch Disk Drive more
Manufacturer: Opus Supplies Ltd
Year: 1985
Type: Disk
Price: £229.95
Blurb: 400K storage. 3ms access. Direct drive. (needs interface)

Name: Opus 5.25 inch Disk Drive more
Manufacturer: Opus Supplies Ltd
Year: 1985
Type: Disk
Price: £149.95 (single sided) £189.95 (double sided)
Blurb: 100K (single sided). 200K (double sided) Needs interface.

Name: Opus Discovery more
Manufacturer: Opus Supplies Ltd
Year: 1985
Type: Disk
Price: £199.95
Blurb: A true disk drive system for your Spectrum. 250K floppy drive and interface. Video output port. Joystick port. Through port. Parallel printer port.
Note: The ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
Read the feature

Name: Opus Spectra Disc Interface more
Manufacturer: Opus Supplies Ltd
Year: 1985
Type: Disk
Price: £99.95
Blurb: DOS on ROM. Compabible with all Opus drives. Centronics port.

Name: Orat more
Manufacturer: Add.On.Its
Year: 1983
Type: Sound/Speech
Price: £32.00
Blurb: Speech box add on.

Name: Organ Master more
Manufacturer: J&N Bull Electrical
Year: 1988
Type: Music
Price: £28.00

Name: Orme EPROM Card more
Manufacturer: Orme Electronics
Year: 1983
Price: Card £21.25, EPROM £9.95
Blurb: EPROM card giving 10 extra BASIC commands. including re-numbering, editing, character manouvering and variable dumping.

Name: Oscilloscope more
Manufacturer: Stephen Huckstepp
Year: 1985
Type: Add-on
Price: £38.95

Name: OZ Connector more
Manufacturer: J. Inceldon
Year: 1982
Type: Cassette
Price: £18.00
Blurb: Small box that sits between the cassette and the Speccy. Connecting a small speaker will allow you to hear and monitor the tape loading. You can also speak and intro for your programs via a microphone.