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Name: XK Memory Expansion System more
Manufacturer: TV Services of Cambridge
Year: 1985
Type: Add-on
Price: £20.95

Name: XK System more
Manufacturer: Stephen Adams
Year: 1984
Price: £14 + RAM (DIY kit) or £74 for full installation.
Blurb: Gives up to 64K of internal RAM in your Spectrum. Software control of paging.

Name: XRI Micon more
Manufacturer: XRI Systems
Year: 1984
Type: Music
Price: £49.95
Blurb: MIDI interface with 1 input, 2 outputs and a drum box synchronisation socket. Complete with software that will allow up to eight synchronised sequences and 26,200 notes.
Note: Came with a software tape: XRI Micon.