Hardware Feature #22
Name Manufacturer Price
Voltmace Delta 3S Voltmace 10.00

Voltmace Delta 3s

The following article was taken from Sinclair User Aug 84

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Don't be a keyboard hunchback !

Sit back with a compact, lightweight, handheld, finger operated joystick.

Settle down in comfort for that long battle against the high scores. Large handles and rubber suckers are fine on a flat table top, but are very uncomfortable and tiring held in the hand and they don't stick to carpets or sofas.

A Delta 3s on the other hand will move with the flick of a finger. Its choice of three fire buttons will suit a variety of grips in left or right handed operation. The rotary slide switches cannot be damaged by excessive pressure on the stick and the fire buttons have been extensively tested and will still be going after millions of missiles have been fired.

Like the Spectrum it is British with a sleek low profile style and matching colour scheme. It will fit any interface that accepts a standard Atari-type 9 way 'D' plug and will give diagonal as well as vertical and horizontal movement.

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