Z88 Developers' Notes


Quick Floating Point Package Reference

FP_ABS (16,$51)         Magnitude (ABSolute value).
FP_ACS (17,$54)         Inverse cosine (Arc CoSine).
FP_ADD (11,$42)         Addition.
FP_AND (0,$21)          (Integer only) bitwise logical AND.
FP_ASN (18,$57)         Inverse sine (Arc SiNe).
FP_ATN (19,$5A)         Inverse tangent (Arc TaNgent).
FP_BAS ($A2)            Perform one of the above functions.
FP_CMP (41,$9C)         Compare two numeric values.
FP_COS (20,$5D)         Cosine.
FP_DEG (21,$60)         Convert radians to degrees.
FP_DIV (15,$4E)         Division.
FP_EOR (2,$27)          (Integer only) bitwise logical excusive OR.
FP_EQ  (9,$3C)          Test for equality.
FP_EXP (22,$63)         Exponentiation (raise 'e' [2.718...] to power of.
FP_FIX (38,$93)         Round a number to integer.
FP_FLT (39,$96)         Convert from integer to floating point format.
FP_GEQ (7,$36)          Test for greater than or equal to.
FP_GT  (12,$45)         Test for greater than.
FP_IDV (1,$24)          (Integer only) quotient after division.
FP_INT (23,$66)         Integer truncation (floor truncation, not rounding).
FP_LEQ (5,$30)          Test for less than or equal to.
FP_LOG (25,$6C)         Common (base 10) logarithm.
FP_LN  (24,$69)         Natural (Naperian or base 'e') logarithm.
FP_LT  (8,$39)          Test for less than.
FP_MOD (3,$2A)          (Integer only) remainder after division.
FP_MUL (10,$3F)         Multiplication.
FP_NEG (42,$9F)         Negate number, ie. result = -input.
FP_NEQ (6,$33)          Test for not equal to.
FP_NOT (26,$6F)         (Integer only) bitwise logical NOT.
FP_ONE (33,$84)         Return the floating point representation of constant 1.
FP_OR  (4,$2D)          (Integer only) bitwise logical OR.
FP_PI  (35,$8A)         Returns the floating point representation of pi
FP_PWR (14,$4B)         Raise to power.
FP_RAD (27,$72)         Convert degrees to radians.
FP_SGN (28,$75)         Sign (signum).
FP_SIN (29,$78)         Sine.
FP_SQR (30,$7B)         Square root.
FP_STR (37,$90)         Return the string representation of a number.
FP_SUB (13,$48)         Subtraction.
FP_TAN (31,$7E)         Tangent.
FP_TRU (34,$87)         Return the integer representation of constant -1.
FP_TST (40,$99)         Test a number for zero and sign.
FP_VAL (36,$8D)         Returns the numeric vaule of a string.
FP_ZER (32,$81)         Return the constant zero (as an integer).