Z88 Developers' Notes V3.2

Copyright © 1989, 1999 by Cambridge Computer
Gunther Strube, Thierry Peycru and Dennis Gröning under OpenContent License

Quick References:
Operating system manifests System calls reference Floating point package reference
Z80 instruction set reference Blink Registers reference Screen driver reference

Release Notes

  0. Introduction
  1. Z88 Overview
  2. Application Writing
  3. Interfacing with the system
  4. Application Static Structures
  5. Error handling and related issues
  6. Memory Management
  7. Output and the screen driver
  8. File Input / Output
  9. Input and the keyboard decoder
10. Filters
11. Time and date management
12. Integer arithmetic
13. Standard Input / Output and the CLI
14. The Printer filter
15. The floating point package
16. Handling Alarms

17. Linked lists
18. The Serial Interface
19. The Wildcard Handler
20. DORs
21. The Map Area
22. Miscellaneous useful routines
23. Miscellaneous useful information
24. BBC BASIC and the in-line assembler
25. Manipulating the Blink Registers
26. The Z88 motherboard hardware and periphial cards
27. Developing software for the Z88
28. Glossary
29. Operating System Manifests
30. System calls reference
31. The floating point package reference
32. The Zilog Z80 microprocessor instruction set reference
33. The Zilog Z80 undocumented instructions
34. The Screen Files