Z88 Developers' Notes

Quick Operating System Manifests
  alarm.def           Alarm interface
bastoken.def        BBC BASIC (Z80) tokens
blink.def           Blink gate-array registers
buffer.def          Buffers low-level interface
char.def            Character management
ctrlchar.def        ASCII control characters
director.def        Director (Index) and CLI definitions
dor.def             DOR (Director Object record) management
error.def           OZ Error codes
fileio.def          File input-output management
filter.def          Filter manipulation
flashepr.def        Flash Eprom definitions
fpp.def             Floating point package definitions
handle.def          Handles low-level definitions
integer.def         Integer arithmetic
interrpt.def        Interruption management
map.def             Graphic map area
memory.def          Memory management
misc.def            Miscellaneous OZ call definitions
oz.def              OZ global low-level definitions 
saverst.def         Save / Restore manipulation
screen.def          Screen control
serintfc.def        Low level serial port interface
stdio.def           Standard I/O, key and screen definitions
syspar.def          System parameters (eNQuire and SPecifiy)
time.def            Time manipulation
tokens.def          Token manipulation

OS Push Frame       OS Push frame structure