Z88 Emulators

Jeroen van den Belt has been hard at work creating Z88 emulators for the PC. Despite a lack of concrete information on various aspects of the Z88, he's done an excellent job.

There are two emulators currently: one for DOS and one for Windows.

DOS Z88 Emulator

This emulator (currently v0.01) runs quite quickly (on a 486dx2/66 it seems faster than a real Z88), and is a good way to see what the Z88 can do for those of you not lucky enough to own one.

The special keys are accessed using the PC's function keys. The emulator works well, although some graphics facilities are not correctly emulated yet.


Z88Dream is the Windows version of the emulator, currently in v1.01.

This now runs much faster than in earlier versions, and it is an excellent tool for Z88 application developers, since it allows use of ROM cards.

When the emulator starts up, there is 128K RAM in slot 1, the EXAMPLES.EPR ROM in slot 2 (currently containing the Public Domain ROM) and a 32K EPROM in slot 3.

Files may be transferred from the PC directly on to the EPROM (and vice versa), and you may insert any 32K ROM image into slot 2 or 3.

This is a really excellent emulator, and seems to support graphics fully, unlike the DOS version.

As well as working under any version of Windows, the emulator runs quite happily under Wine for Linux.

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