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Links to other Z88 resources

General Z88-related sites:

Dennis Groning's page
With PC PipeDream viewer and lots more
Z88 Bits
by John Allen
Z88 Korner
Projects and applications (including Z88 Chess), by Keith Rickard
Colin Parson's Z88 page
With details of DIY hardware upgrades for your Z88
Richard Eby's page
With Z88 filesever for Windows 95/NT
Z88 Sourcebook
by Timothy Swenson

Z88 Development:

Z88 Development Kit
Develop software for the Z88 in C, by Dominic Morris
Get the latest version of the wonderful ZSock TCP/IP suite by Dominic Morris from this site
Z88 CamelForth on BitBucket
Fully updated sources for Z88 CamelForth, including ports to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and PetersPlus Sprinter
Homepage of R.T. Russell, containing various BBC BASIC resources
Z80 Processor Home Page
Technical info on the Z80 processor

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