PipeDream Templates

PipeDream is an extremely flexible application, and can be used for many purposes. Here's one "template" or example document to help get you started (more please!!).

Bank/Creditcard Book

One of the most obvious uses of the spreadsheet facilities offered by PipeDream is to keep a record of transactions made on your current and creditcard accounts. This gives you an accurate picture of the balance of your account, whereas your latest statement will not include many recent transactions.

To use this template, modify the example line with the date and balance of your latest statement. Then, whenever you make a transaction, simply insert a new line (<>N) and type in the details (make sure you use <>X before entering the value in the amount column). Both the total at the bottom & top of the sheet will be automatically updated to give your current balance.

When you get your next statement, you should reconcile it with the spreadsheet. This simply involves typing the figure in the "amount" column into the "cleared" column for each entry which appears on your statement. Once all entries have been checked off, the total of the "cleared" column should equal the balance on your statement. When you've got this far, delete each line which has been cleared (using <>Y) and then enter a line with your new statement balance on. This should leave you with only the uncleared items (and the same balance that you had before you started the reconciliation...)

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