The V4 ROM

There are now several ways to get hold of the improved Z88 ROM, which contains many bugfixes from the original V2.2/V3 ROMs.

Tony Firshman can take all the effort out of upgrading your Z88, adding the V4 ROM and 512K internal RAM for you. Contact him for further details.

Alternatively, if you have the facility to blow a 128K EPROM, you can download the zipped V4 ROM image from this page.

The V4 ROM contains the following fixes:

Lost handles
In v3, handles could be lost by pre-empting the Filer during a catalogue, resulting in a "File in use" error which required a soft reset to clear.
ROM cards
It is no longer possible to insert and remove cards while the Z88 is switched off, which could cause confusion, since the Z88 now wakes up when the flap is opened.
When updating the PrinterEd settings under v3, it is common to encounter a "FAIL" condition. This has been fixed with v4. In addition, the "Allow line feeds" option now works correctly.
RAM.- device
The system no longer gets confused if files are present in this useful device when the Z88 is reset.
Expanded machine
The Z88 will now behave as an expanded machine (giving a full map in PipeDream, and 40K workspace in BASIC) if there is 128K RAM anywhere in the system, and not just in slot 1 as with v3.
Filer display
In v3, a problem sometimes occurs with Filer when marking a file after scrolling the cursor. This causes the first letter of the filename to disappear, but is fixed with v4.

Known Issues

Just like the earlier ROMs, the V4 is not perfect. If you're thinking of upgrading, you should be aware of the following:

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