Z88 CamelForth

(c) Garry Lancaster, 2001

of CamelForth)

Z88 CamelForth is a version of the Forth language, based on the minimal Z80 CamelForth v1.2 implementation by Bradford J. Rodriguez, with many enhancements, and now fully ANS-compliant.

The version described and available here, as at 17/7/01, is v3.04. The screenshot above shows the operation of a short multiprogramming demo (source included with the downloads), with three tasks being run in separate windows, and a Forth terminal accepting input in a fourth (sorry, pun intended!)

Full updated sources of Z88 CamelForth, including ports to other systems like the Spectrum and Sprinter are available here: http://bitbucket.org/garryl/camelforth/

If you know nothing about Forth, but would like to learn, an excellent source of information in the Fig-UK website.

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