Z88-specific features

There are a few Z88-specific words which don't fit comfortably into any other section:

*CLI ( caddr n -- )
Invoke the Z88's CLI. eg: S" .*hello.cli" *CLI is equivalent to BBC BASIC's *CLI .*hello.cli.
*NAME ( caddr n -- )
Name the current instantiation of CamelForth.
EXP? ( -- flag )
Gives true if this Z88 is an expanded machine.
PW ( -- )
Gives the standard OZ "Page Wait" message and waits for a response. Note that this doesn't tell you whether ESC or SPACE was pressed; you can determine this only by using the escape detection facilities.
RAND ( u -- )
Randomizes the pseudo-random number generator with seed "u". If u is zero, the real-time clock is used for a seed instead.
RND ( u1 -- u2 )
Returns a random number u2, which lies between 0 and u1-1 inclusive.

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