Z88 User Group Library

The UK-based Z88 User Group collected together a large number of programs for the Z88 (mostly written by members of the club) before it became defunct a couple of years ago.

Some of these programs are already available from some of the FTP sites on the internet, although unfortunately many of them are corrupt. Steve Marsh, formerly Application Librarian for the club, has kindly provided me with a virtually complete set of library programs, which I have split into several ZIP files for easy download.

Text listings

The following documents describe most of the programs in the library, and are pretty essential reading, since Z129A (for example) is not a very good description...

The Main Library

These files contain most of the files within the range stated. Some files are listed separately further down, while a few are not generally available.

The following files are single programs, generally consisting of many parts.

Shareware Programs

The CLI Library


Some assorted information files.

ZBase Files

These database programs are for use with the ZBase application.

The US Library

Finally, here is a file containing various programs, games and documents collected by the USA Z88 User Group.

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