(c) Psygnosis, 1991 & 2000

Z88 conversion by Dominic Morris, 2000

of Lemmings)

The classic "save-em-up" game from Psygnosis is now available on your Z88, courtesy of Dominic Morris. Originally available on 16-bit computers such as the Atari ST, it was eventually converted down to the 8-bits, including the Spectrum. It is this version that Dominic has converted, but with improvements such as samples lifted from the Amiga version, and the removal of the hideous multi-load system (okay, it's still there, but you can ignore it if you copy all the levels to the Z88). It also seems to play a bit faster and smoother than the Speccy version, but that could just be bias on my part ;-)

As usual with Z88 conversions, you can choose between squashed and scrolling display modes, with an invert option too.

Additionally you can choose to turn the rather cute Amiga samples or the title tune on and off.

Inexplicably, the game doesn't seem to appear in the Your Sinclair Official Top 100 Games Of All Time; maybe it wasn't released when the list was originally drawn up, or perhaps Stu was just having a bad (hair) day? Never mind, it did achieve 20th position in the Your Sinclair Readers' Top 100 Games Of All Time. Hurrah!


Here's the usual selection of formats for you to download the game in. Whichever you choose, make sure you also grab the file containing all the levels. As mentioned in the docs, you don't actually need to copy all the level files to the Z88 at once, just the ones you're going to be playing.

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