Manic Miner '88

(c) Matthew Smith, 1983 & 1998

Z88 conversion by Garry Lancaster, 1998

of Manic Miner '88)

Manic Miner '88 is a faithful conversion of Matthew Smith's classic ZX Spectrum platform game. It contains all the graphics, sounds and features of the original (including the cheat facility if you can find it!), although unfortunately it was not possible to reproduce the wonderful colours on the Z88 :-(

If anyone has never played the Speccy version (surely not!), the aim of the game is simple: collect all the flashing objects (usually keys) on the screen, and then make your way to the flashing exit before your air supply runs out. Beware the Manic Mining Robots and the stationary "nasties" though, and be careful not to let Willy fall from too great a height...

Extra features on the Z88 version include:

This game is now also available in .APP format, for use with Installer on the Z88 Forever compilation!

These are the files for the application itself:

The following files are alternative sets of caverns which can be loaded into Manic Miner '88 for a brand new challenge. All sets of caverns are copyright their respective designers.

However, please note that most of them allow illegal moves off the edges of the screen - this may cause corruption of your Z88's memory, so use them at your own risk (and back-up the contents of your Z88 before playing).

Manic Miner 3 and Manic Miner 5 appear to stick to the rules properly, and so should be safe to use without risk of side-effects. All the others do have at least some illegal screens, though, and should be used with care (Manic Miner 2 is probably the worst offender here).

If you're interested in any of the details of how these caverns were designed, take a look at Andrew Broad's Manic Miner Room Format document, which was of enormous help to me when converting the game from the Spectrum.

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