User Group ROM

(c) Z88 User Group, 1989

The Z88 User Group's application library contained four small applications, which are all contained on this ROM.

EP-Fetch (A001)

(Screenshot of EP-Fetch)

File handling utility for EPROMs. An enhanced version of this popdown is now available on the Z88 Forever compilation.
Scrazble (A002)

(Screenshot of Scrazble)

Simple arcade game like Scramble.
Z-Check (A003)

(Screenshot of Z-Check)

Utility to check if any files have changed.
Z-Menu (A004)

(Screenshot of Z-Menu)

Executes complex commands using the CLI by typing a simple command. To use this application, you must first set up a MENU.DAT file containing a percentage sign and command name (eg %Tidy) on the first line, and CLI commands on following lines until another command is defined. Then, typing the command name into Z-Menu will execute the CLI instructions.

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